If you have firmware version 1. No solution yet, but I think the transfer from the scanner into the computer’s memory is too slow. There are no updates currently. The TA IV fo ScanExpress scanners can be used for all scanners non-Mustek, too because it doesn’t connect to the scanner itsself, only to a power adapter. I haven’t yet a report if it really works with the teco2 backend. Recent versions of scanimage also support automatic document feedes.

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I’m no longer active in developing SANE drivers. The download is developed and published by. USB and Parport scanners have a look at the list of Mustek scanners.


If you use more than one device, normal termination rules apply. At dpi in color mode there are colored lines all across the image.

If you also own such a device or a different Primax scanner also supported by the Mustek backend please email me see Bug and success reports. If debug messages are enabled a message will be printed.


These Linux kernels can’t change buffer size at run-time. I haven’t yet a report if it really works with the teco2 backend.

The CCD bar moves back some millimeters and starts again. It’s completely different from the Mustek scanners. They are relabeled Mustek scanners. Hi, a 6ya expert can help you resolve that issue over the phone in a minute or two.

This will work with Mustek backend 1. There is no kernel driver involved. The Linux kernel crashes when scanimage is called. I don’t know yet why this happens. After that byte only garbage is returned.

With mustdk own card the whole kernel hangs sometimes. I can’t help you with this operating system. They are said to be very slow at high resolutions, especially in color mode. Before anything else, update to at least SANE 1.

Mustek ScanExpress A3 Flatbed Scanner | eBay

If you have firmware version 1. I need your help!

This problem doesn’t accur with a “real” SCSI adapter. Please use German or English language for your emails to me.

Mustek drivers free download software for all devices

Probably some of the wires went inside the cylinder. Scdi only workaround I know is to turn up the ADF, remove it from the scanner, lay it on the scanner without using the bracket, and move it about 15 mm to the front of the scanner. Please read the man page sane-scsi for general information on SCSI configuration.


NCR and clones: If this selection doesn’t show up, your TA wasn’t detected by the driver.

Part of this is second hand knowledge, so be careful. Nobody has ever sent a detailed report about those. It doesn’t occur with my SP 1. The following list shows the mustekk of support provided by the current version of the Mustek SCSI backend. There are at least five types of TA: Try to use it with a different SCSI adapter.