But also, getting the sort of system you describe up and running reliably is probably well outside the skill set of the average DVR user There’s actually a ton of step by step guides for it out there. Tuning Resolver connected Supposedly, they’ve verified that automatic firmware downloads for the MTR are not working properly, and it’s not just me. I was the very first person to transfer a recording from one tivo to another back in the Series 1 days. Really, this is NOT a company you should be supporting. Want to learn how to use the Support Forums?

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Supposedly, they’ve verified that automatic firmware downloads for the MTR are not working properly, and it’s not just me.

They still use really cheap capacitors, and the most critical ones in the power supply are still to this day well known for failing, which is why you only have effectively a 90 day warranty. If people understood the cost was virtually identical over a 3 year period, and understood all the advantages the TiVo has over the Cox DVR, I believe a lot more would chose a TiVo.

It seems that TiVo and Motorola say that the minimum firmware needed to support a six-tuner device like a Roamio is I recently been through 2 Motorola MTR tuner adapter from cox and have been having issues getting them activated. What I see is people don’t like forking out big up front costs for equipment and then they don’t like taking the risk associated with it. Get Help Via Live Chat.

Motorola MTR Tuning Adapter With Power Cable | eBay

I ordered Cox because DirecTV wanted me to cut down several trees to improve my line of sight. I called Cox; they say they have no ability to update the firmware. Effective August 1,provide, through the use of a commonly used interface and published specifications for communication, CableCARD-reliant, firmware-upgradable navigation devices the ability to tune simultaneously as many switched-digital channels as the greatest number of streams supported by any set-top box provided by the cable operatoror mitorola simultaneous channels, whichever is greater; Emphasis added.


Same problem posted here, motorloa located in Connecticut. I haven’t kept up with DirecTVs latest offerings, but last I checked theirs was cheaper while having very good reviews, plus their sports package will hands down destroy anything cable offers. This is especially annoying when you’ve paused it because you want to look at the scene in better detail, but you have a fucking ad in the mororola.

Hands-on with the Motorola Tuning Adapter MTR

I wouldn’t say that, but they have fewer Motorola head ends than Cisco’s, so they don’t have the issues come up as often just a guess. Vudu adds Sony TVs to its list of compatible 4K devices.

After a comedy of errors involving traps installed instead of removed, signal levels, etc. Normally, I wouldn’t advocate going directly to the regulators. They like renting and if something goes wrong just have it swapped.

I’ve contact cox and have probably had about phone calls with various different support reps and 1 tech come out and so far I have received a variety of different answers but none of them seem to get the thing working. Apparently I’m expected to drive 40 minutes to the nearest Cox store and play TA Roulette hoping to get one that a works and b has the right firmware.

Hands-on with the Motorola Tuning Adapter MTR700

When the second cox tech came he tried to activate the Motorola tuner adapter he said Cox was getting some invalid serial number error. After that when I went to do a channel scan I found a lot of missing channels so I called cox and they just unpaired the card and re pared the card and then I was able to get all the channels.


Well, I think that advocating torrents when comparing DVR options is kind of apples motoorla oranges. Again not sure whos giving the correct info?

In fact, I myself was part of the group that did it on numerous occasions. However, from the mptorola here and on the Cox and TiVo forums, it’s clear that Cox has ignored reports of this problem for some time. And if that turns out not to be enough, you can plug in an eSATA drive to add more.

Question about the Motorola MTR700 tuner adapter not working

Video doorbell without WiFi? Anonguy to macwhiz Anon Jun 6: Maltz Member Jun 4: Sure the later generations largely overcome these issues with a faster CPU, but in the end they’re still horribly energy inefficient. Widespread Centurylink Outage this morning Pairing or unpairing the device will usually cause the HR to generate a new ID.

I’m hoping that a Cox employee on here will know the right person to get a firmware update pushed out to me ASAP If you run on a Windows environment, mmtr700 you can run the Plex server on the bare metal system, and create a mb VM that hosts all of the other stuff and manipulates it via samba sharing.