Want to add to the discussion? Didn’t have problems with my Wiimotes either. When i have motion joy running when i play BF4 PB detects it as a invalid driver and kicks me Yeah, it seems like a bit too much was happening in Windows to properly handle the new device. Bre3ze View Profile View Posts. Showing 1 – 15 of 27 comments. Cramoss Member Jan 26,

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I’ve been using it a long time since I can’t stand Dpad, get the offline mode tweak and stay in wired USB mode, mottionjoy mode isn’t worth the trouble it brings imo unless you don’t have any other bluetooth devices connected.

But the way I did didn’t give me access to wnt full functionality of the controller, so I set out to find a program or driver that would, and I found MotionInJoy. Thanks for this, MotionInJoy is super shady.

Using Sixaxis on your PC? Stay away from MotionInJoy | NeoGAF

Spoiler Guide [inFamous Spoiler] s “Don’t get wet. Even this tool is a wrapper for the XBox driver by Microsoft.

I have a banner ad in the application itself but it has never done a pop up ad or caused any issues for me. Apr 23, 13, 0 I never had any issues with the Online only version, and now they even dont a nifty offline version that works just perfect.


Is this happening to anyone else as well? But I almost never use my sixaxis.

Motioninjoy (or DS3 tool) is not working :: Help and Tips

I’m really surprised Sony didn’t make it natively recognized in Windows. I haven’t had a popup ad like that since windows 95, and I need to be sure my computer isn’t compromised, so I immediately started all scans I could think of. Not only is it crawling wknt ads, the configuration tool is probably the ugliest piece of software I’ve ever used.

MotionInJoy bluescreens my PC if I fiddle with it, and if I want to move the bluetooth adapter to a different USB port it requires an entire un-install and re-install before it recognizes the adapter again.

Diebuster Member Jan 26, Direct Input cross-platform, works with anything with a joystick or buttons and X-Input which is for compatible peripherals.

It’s one or the other and Bluetooth support for ds4s is fucked, it simply does not work unless you get the ds4 specific version of this tool but with my luck I couldn’t get ds3s to work after that. Forums Discussions Gaming Discussion. Wnt telling you this so you don’t have to do the same.

Windows recognises the controller, but the SCP moniter refuses to detect it If you cannot find the source of the transmission reload windows. This isn’t an annoyance for everything, but for games like Just Cause 2 in Multiplayer, I can end up going in a completely different motionjoj flying than I was originally was. Submit a new text post.


Rushmilk View Profile View Posts. Sullichin Member Jan 26, Gentleman Jack Member Jan 26, I used to have it on half a dozen machines, and always have had problems.

Suspicious Activity Detected

Although I should say that there already exists a wrapper for the DS4, here. And wint guy does. If you don’t want to trust me, consider contacting the dev through the original link.

As of now, there are many ways to fix it for yourself that are time consuming. Skyrim should mtionjoy with the DS3 motiojoy if it were an XBox controller. Do you know anything about the Gs vs the G? On the pages I’ve seen, I’ve found numerous people calling him out as a ” shitty indie developer “, ” the developer is, pure and simple–a complete asswipe ” and worse, and I’ve come to concur.

I can’t stand MotionInJoy.