Most must be run as root. Keep in mind the following: For more help on the terms used in the Linux computer world, see Links and Guides. MEPIS defaults to runlevel 5, therefore any init scripts set up in the level 5 config file will run at boot. Bit-torrent downloads may be somewhat slow following a major release. In both cases, you can use Bluetooth to move files and a cloud application for such things as contacts, calendars, etc. The MD5 hash or checksum functions as a compact digital fingerprint of a file.

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The login menu is a little tricky.

Capability LSM initialized Mount-cache hash table entries: Depending on your configuration, this will probably take less than 15 minutes, and could even be as little as 5 minutes! Here are two of the most commonly used, available from the repos. This one is not configured during the install. Check carefullly that you have not made any mistake, then save the file.

Wireless With Mepis – GDNet Lounge –

File transfer to wigeless from a handheld device meepis enabled by default by virtue of ObexFTP, a C application and library with many language bindings to access mobile phone and other handheld content. Some terms that might be unfamiliar to some readers appear in green. When you select to verify the data in Toast or another burner, a byte-for-byte comparison with the ISO file will be carried out to check the DVD’s integrity.


It needs to remain unmounted, so ignore the Device Notifier screen that pops up. The motivation for doing this can range from pure fun to practical goals such as to produce a kernel optimized for a certain architecture and use. For more information, see Links and Guides at the bottom of wireess page.

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Though console commands can be fairly complex, understanding wirepess command line is just a matter of putting together simple things. After a reboot, it sometimes happens that your computer reports that no operating system or bootable disc was found.

It sits in the system tray, and allows you to conveniently alter screen size, orientation or refresh rate. Beta versions are currently version 7. MEPIS can’t run my wireless network.

If you are dual-booting with Microsoft Windows, you will want to leave this unselected. This happens because for some reason the system was unable to start X, the window system for Linux. Or rather, why isn’t the excellent KNetworkManager not enabled by default?

MEPIS 11.0.12 Users Manual

For configuration you will probably need to discover exactly what hardware is connected to your system. There are no Adventure Games wkreless by default. If this method does not work satisfactorily for you, you can open a browser and type in the address bar:. Your first concern is to access and secure your data. To make it more convenient, you can mount it to another location.


Below is the default Page One with a random weather location but no sources selected for the Community or Knowledge widgets. In addition to going into Samba KDE Control Module to add more directories to share, there is another shortcut you can take to add shares. Mfpis root’s password when prompted.

BitTorrent file sharing see also Section 8. It is highly recommended that you have a firewall see Section 5. This time, the distro remembered the network settings, so we did not have to fight the network manager one more time. Backing up email, calendar, and contact data Depending on the email or calendar program you use, your email and calendar data may not be saved in an obvious location or under an obvious file name.

There are several types of existing groups, meips with a different way of grouping their items, wireess you can create your own. It is similar in function to Adobe Photoshop. There is also a handy toolbox that sits in the System Tray called hplip-gui available through the repos.