It is a fitting addition to the pantheon of MacGregor drivers. I drove Metres to a green, admittedly it was blowing a gail wind behind me and the hole was down hill. I got mine on sale at golfsmith for , plus a free fairway wood. It’s an extra level of technology for some extra distance on the fairway. Posted 01 May –

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Interstingly the Tour Burner has more of a draw offset then the ‘draw’ Mac. It isn’t the easiest driver to jot and like I said it doesn’t feel particularly fine but hit it right and it goes a bloody mile. Or 4660 NVG2 Tour model. I tested two other drivers then found a mactec. A friend of mine had the 3 wood.

MacGregor MACTEC NVG Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

The whole head is clean, unfussy and simple to live with — it just happens to have the capability to straighten the shot most club golfers actually hit. I bought the 9. I just purchased a NVG2.

Price is right, and I also got a hybrid as part of their new promotion. The ball just seems to jump off the face.

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However, I still think this might be a function of the shaft. The underside of the shaft has info on shaft flex, weight and torque. Before sending me a message for help, please look at the website support section: Simply put, this club will not allow you to do it. Posted 03 May – It is available in varying degrees of loft.


Quadra tungsten weighting complements the power of the NVG2 with an abundance of control – something you’ll appreciate if you want to play your second shot from the fairway, not the tee box. I believe it was designed in Japan and nvgg2 a big hit there.


Trampolining effect Had this driver for a while until I heard it’s an illegal club for competition. There is no alignment mark on the crown, which I prefer but I know many of you disagree on this issue. The sole of the driver absolutely is the product of the Japanese design esthetics, where all technology is meant to be visible and obvious.

It might just surprise you, like it did me. Athens Al Ebay ID: I am glad that I did.

I found the shaft easy to load, but my swing is probably a lot different than yours. You can tell when you hit it square and don’t, but the center hits macggregor not feel extremely solid. If you are a similar player to me go out and get one.


MacGregor MACTEC NVG2 Tour Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

Interesting that I rarely if ever ballooned the stock Fuji stiff shaft but did most of the other mfrs, at least 1 or 2 in 10 times hit. I got mine on sale at golfsmith forplus a free fairway wood. The Alpha was consistently 4660 around meters then rolling on.

If Macgregor could just get Aaron or Jose to stick this in their bag, and win, I think it would sell like crazy. The loft on this is a mactregor Stock stiff shaft with a 9.

The ball explodes off of the face and the driver allows for much workability such as cutting the ball low under the wind with a simple tee-height change and placement in stance. I definitely wanted to see how it stacked up to the NVG driver I tested last year. A great club, the 3h is great too. Posted 18 March ,acgregor