You caneither permit or prevent specific wireless computers access to yourwireless network. Not received the card yet. How can this be resolved. Ive just bought one of these! Anonymous Jun 20, Thanks to you guys, I saved myself tons of grief. She can’t get to the Internet.

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You will see the 2. Depending on the firmware of the router. I figured go with netgear again.

Nothing seemed to work. Or you can click the Security Tab and select Wireless. Open your default browser and enter the following IP address into the address bar: Netgear should get on the ball and fix their driver. Mike Level 3 Expert Answers. Installed it just like I did with the faulty card and hey presto.

WG311v3 – G54 Wireless PCI Adapter

It turned out it was suffering from the same problem, but it the connection lasted for hours rather than minutes. I have spontaneous disconnect probs too. So I might advise you to access the configuration of your router It might surprise you to find the wep key changed itself during the week.


Now why this was not posted on the website or sooner in the forums I have no idea and in defense of Netgear I should have called their tech support line first as unlike many other companies the first person I talked to resolved the issue.

She can’t get to the Internet.

Agreed — never netgear again! Have her remove the wireless from the preferred network list and re enter wireless security key should fx the problem. To prevent wireless computers to connect to your wireless network, click here.

Meaning, it changes depending on the timerenewal you will specify. Now about one in every three times I use the facility on my machine it freezes up — nice! View all posts by nerd. On the lower right-hand side of your screen, double click on the Linksys Icon. It connected with no problem then subsequently lost connection.

I would suggest hard wiring to the router and going into the settings. Type your WEP Keys.


WGv3 | Product | Support | NETGEAR

Once I located the. Thanks for the Marvell drivers, I had the same lost connection problem as you. In my experience with routers in general, they have a tendency to reset themselves with general poweroutages and power surges.

Thanks for your solution and it is working perfectly now. I called and will be receiving a replacement.

WG311 – Excellent Connection, No Internet

Limksys the Wireless card and run a wire through your wall. Set the same WEP level that you have enabled on the router. Your email address will not be published.

Also, see this follow-up for the next chapter of my battle with the Netgear WGv3. Any suggestions as to what to do with—————never mind. To enable WEP on the router, 1. I too had exasperating moments.