Thu Jan 29, 6: I can’t seem to get the data connection working though. The phone still works perfectly with the original battery, but as expected there are cosmetic scuff marks all over. Pressing takes you back one page, unless you are in an input field in which case it deletes a character. I’m trying to get bitpim to work but it always fails for me with Code:

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The manufacturer site is at us. There are a lot more phones with cameras, MP3 and similar non-essential bling. Specifically, it is OpenWave Mobile Browser 4. A recommended hex editor on Windows is winhex. Keystrokes Can I browse for us For a code of it looks like this: There is an explanation of all symbols that appear on the inside and outside display in the help system.

LG Software & Drivers | LG U.S.A

The default settings will work fine. Increase or decrease headset volume.

The plug is covered with rubber and is between the top of the battery and the builtin antenna on the back of the phone. Note that whenever any of these programs talks to the phone that this setting will change to “closed” and that after a reboot it usually reverts to “USB”.


You may now be prompted for a home page, or be sent to the default OpenWave. The manual contains descriptions of all of them, although some descriptions are very brief or vague.

Software & Drivers

Ignore the entire rest of this whole section. What kernel modules do I need for that? Version 11 routes all Get-It-Now and web browsing from the phone over the 1x network if available significantly speeding up Get-It-Now but having a lesser effect on web browsing. There are two types of data cable available.

Sun Jul 11, 5: To get into this menu, press. The page doesn’t contain anything useful now. Gagin also lets you do it with an assortment of patches and other utility programs if you want to touch the bare metal yourself.

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I want stuff that ‘just works’. Once you have installed the data cable, install the drivers for the cable. There are significantly more applications for J2ME available.


You also need to change the phone to use its internal USB interface. There is currently no way to answer or end a call without opening the phone. Look at the last two digits.

The ttyACM0 device create by the ACM driver needs a udev rule for changing its permissions, but I have found this to conflict with hotplug’s operation. The VX is a good phone, being above average in almost all departments.

Wi-Fi® Bluetooth® USB Dongle for Select 2014 LG TVs

Sun Mar 13, You must have digital reception. The manual says that will take you to your cx4400. You also consume your airtime according to your plan while downloading the applications or content via them. If you are looking for a replacement phone with similar functionality then there aren’t any I’d recommend. The phone did not like being charged by this cable.