Losing half your memory is quite annoying though and no serious other solutions are available at the moment. I have had this issue over a month now and firmly believe it is related to nvidia, USB peripherals, regardless of the type and it just happens I’m now realizing that fact. I’ll go get that reported right now. I dont get this. Then go to their webstie Seven Forums.. That’s my opinion in this case.

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I will point out my original post here to help you out gathering resources for an official fix. Didn’t even have to truncate, and my experience score went up A BIT!

Only 1 GB of wasted memory. Nothing is showing up in Reliability Monitor, or you can’t even launch it? I was using the extra gig in Vista as a ram drive for the page file, anyway First, here’s my Platimum Originally Posted by raisethe3 I am sure you can squeeze that a little more. Thank you very much for the help Mark. Please keep it coming.


MSI K9N2 SLI Platinum – motherboard – ATX – Socket AM2+ – nForce a SLI Overview – CNET

I’ve ensured power save is off, I’ve gone into the power options as suggested with no luck either. Has a built in nvidia i lsi ram. MSI should fix the glitch or should mention that the motherboard is not compatible with t.

Ideally you want a cooler with a 4 wire PWM controlled fan.

USB Problem x64 Windows 7

The problem for me is that I don’t know exactly which ones are the chipset. What happens if you remove your printer before copying? Coprodessor laptop is an still have the drivers for this device and are not installed code 28 error.

Yes, lame, but it’s the best I have: It’s also trashed a 50 Gbyte BluRay disk! That’s definitely not a good long-term solution. Video and large data file transfers in both directions had been hanging almost instantly. If its a sensor issue then how is it being regulated?

That is a completely unsupported and untested scenario. Thats good news, Let us now what happens next.

MSI K9N2 SLI Platinum – motherboard – ATX – Socket AM2+ – nForce 750a SLI Series

I have done some internet searching and so far my model it does not show any updates available. Im buying a new heatsink.


It was just to test a theory.

I thought it was the battery or interference so I switched to a corded mouse. Perhaps when I downloaded the one from HP, it didn’t install and I’m still using the i Win7x64 driver??

At any rate, I guess I caused some confusion.

Nevertheless it’s possible that the fact that Win7x64 users trying to access external HD data via wireless network are experiencing identical problems to slo here with USB connections could help focus the search for a solution. It would get about a minute in and then everything would eventually grind to a hault. My experience with them has been very good.

You think this could be one of my problems? You know what this means? Searching for compatible ID s: