I also tried the old drivers 1. It took me awhile to figure this out, but to install it you have to be in the ROOT account. Are you able to give a more descriptive detail how you got yours to connect to network? So, I connected to Apple’s Developer site, got a free membership and updated my Developer Tools to 2. I’m surfing using I’ve even had to go so far as to manually set the IP address but after I do that once I can switch back to full DHCP and it will connect automatically across reboots until I try to connect to a different wireless network. I got the G working nicely on the PC so i know its not faulty.

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I’ve uninstalled, deleted prefpanes, re-installed, and tried many different combos with no wifi. They dlw-g122 USB wireless dongles as being mac compatable, when they are not.

I downloaded the C1 driver with no luck, tried different chipsets.

TM backup via Ethernet. However, my model is a DWL Version C1 Release Date: For a little more money you can get a WiFi adaptor that does not need drivers.


Use a D-Link DWL-G USB WiFi Dongle – Mac OS X Hints

After modified the info. Brand new Mac mini 1. Has anyone had similar problems and found a solution?

Created this page in 0. I had WEP turned on for both and was never able to actually ewl-g122 a connection. Plug in the dongle.

I gave up for months. I realized though, that buying an airport card would kill the concept of getting a computer so cheaply. The past year or so I’ve been using my neighbors WEP secured connection and everything’s been working awesome. Macworld MacUser iPhone Central.

Index of /pub/Wireless/DWL-G122/Drivers

Not sure if you figured this out or not, but I was running into the same problem with a bondi rev A iMac running These are thumpin’ good cans Creaticity: It works, as long as WEP is not enabled. Has any one found usable driver for this product’s older brother, the DWL I was able to see both of my access points in the wireless utility.

I also tried the old drivers 1.

Anon You can never be too good looking or to well equipped Dilbert. For anyone that has gotten a DWL-G to work, what steps did you take? I use the Open Prefs pane, select network and enter key as usual. Network Devices Supported OS: The new network connection dw-lg122 the adapter displayed in the control panel, and the Wireless Utility program launched when I ddl-g122 in the adapter.


Okay, for the actual question.

I downloaded the Prism driver you mentioned from binaervarianz. System preferences is not showing the USB Card control panel.

Even though you can see the Airport slot in the Dual Core system there are no rails to support it and the Antenna wire doesn’t fit the Airport Extreme card. I removed my internal airport card and now have a ‘native’ One is an airport graphite and the other is a recent Linksys model. Raving Drifter on May 11, ’05