If anyone know or think that there still can be an option how to get the RIGHT Video card to work using VirtualBox and Ubuntu, please reply her,e it’ll be highly appreciate it!!! Only the virtual card virtually manufactured by Virtual Box is there. I’ll give it a try after I reinstall.. A must read if you want to know what we’re talking about. Windows 7 has no problems with running AERO so that added to my confusion.

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On restart, now I’m getting an exception from VBox when the Mint image loads: Guest seems to be unresponsive. I may have installed the VBox Extension pack -after- setting up the Cinnamon image–though I’m not sure that would matter.

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I think that any suggestions to update your video drivers were intended to be done on the Host. To clarify, the Win7 exception occurs only after Mint’s login appears.


DriverMax – Display Adapters – innotek GmbH – VirtualBox Graphics Adapter Computer Driver Updates

Mint’s driver manager yraphics the graphics drivers as: I have recently fallen in love with Linux. Last heartbeat received 4 seconds ago Unfortunately, no change after I removed the file though.

This part is causing all kinds of issues in your log file. Last edited by socratis on Sun Jan 08, 6: The Virtual Box or any any innorek machine software creates a virtual computer with virtual hardware that are completely compatible with Linux. Check “lsmod grep i” and “lspci -vv -s So when you install Ubuntu inside the Virtual Box, it only sees the virtual card.

I am trying to run Compiz for braphics first time ever on VirtualBox. Suxs, but it works!!! I was using KDE on my last session.

Check this before asking questions. Leave a Comment Please sign in to add a comment. Downvote removed, shpong, install Ubuntu to an USB drive and use it for tests: If you see Intel drivers here, you have the installation. Even the operations I know would brick the distro with a black screen are not working.


Display Adapters – innotek GmbH – VirtualBox Graphics Adapter Computer Driver Updates

Sign up using Email and Password. Board index All times are UTC. Depend on what you intend with drivers. I’m not familiar with the uninstall process inbotek Guest Additions either. VirtualBox, 3D Accelerator, Ubuntu There are two distinct things: But In the getting started guide it is not mentioned. It can also help to reinstall the GA.

VirtualBox must use its own video drivers to operate properly. I believe they are Xorg? I think virhualbox is the fault of my Internet searches.

If you obfuscate any information requested, I will obfuscate my response. Once I find a driver and installation method that works, I will apply to that to real, or non-virtual version of that OS.