Connect an additional cable: To determine the correct driver for your configuration, check the “Devices Supported” section, which is included on the Release Notes tab for each SoftPaq.. Or select your product from popular printers. You can connect peripheraldevices such as a printer, scanner, video camera,digital camera, memory card reader, and PDA personal digital assistant or handheld computer tothe PC. See the documentation that came with yourdevice. IPinstallingcamera dock 59camera docking station 59Internet service provider 3PCKkeyboardconnector 6keys 53using 53keyboard buttonsaccess 53configuring 54media playback 54not working 65special 53LLANantenna 64MMedia Centeropeningwith remote control 55memory card readerin-use light 57troubleshooting 58using 56, 57memory card, formatting 57Memory Stick MS reader 56Memory Stick Pro MS-Pro reader 56Microdrive reader 56microphoneconnector 5modemconnector 8monitorco. New types of viruses are invented all the time.

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The FM connector is found on the TV tunercard.

HP Media Center mn Desktop PC : HP Media Center PC Getting Started Guide

Enable the image for the TV. If you do click Stop, thedrive is disconnected.

The product information label contains your serial number and product number. Before you canconnect to the Internet, you must sign up with an ISP. The speaker settings windowopens.


See the documentation that came with yourdevice. Do not try to removemedia when the inuse light is blinking. A standard keyboard connects to the keyboardconnector in the back of the PC.

To view your PC image on the TV: You can find it either on the back of your laptop, inside the battery compartment or under the cover on the back of the laptop. EPlace the HP digital camera E into thecamera docking station. Message 2 of 2. If your computer is currently functioning you can find the serial number by using a simple keyboard command.

Front speakers left and right G: Find your serial number using a keyboard command.

Follow the instructions that came withyour digital camera. Refer to the sections about Application and SystemRecovery in the other documentation dontroller came withyour PC to reinstall a software program. The keyboard has an arrangement of standard keys,indicator lights, and special buttons.

This package contains the graphics driver for the supported ATI Graphics Cards in the supported desktop models and operating systems. You must connect thisantenna to connect to the wireless network.

Solved: Missing Ethernet Controller and PCI Device Drivers – HP Support Community –

Connecting the Remote SensorThe remote sensor is a small device that connects tothe PC and allows the remote control to work withthe Media Center program.


You can use the dockingbay to: You may set up your Controllsr for twostereo speakers or for multichannel audio speakersystems. A window opensthat shows the connector panel on the frontof the PC.

Page 65 Place the correct camera docking station lid D on top of the PC. Try a keyboard command. If this happens, restartthe PC. Download and install the XP audio driver from the link below.

Download Realtek Ethernet Controller Driver on Windows 7/10

Page 38 45Connect the cables to the audio system. You can select anenvironment, such as Under Water orAuditorium.

My software stopped working. Depending on your desktop model contrpller can find it on the side, top, front or back of the computer. Page 36 Speaker typesSpeakers may be included with the monitor selectmodels only or are sold separately. Press the Helpbutton on your keyboard, or click Start on thetaskbar and select Help and Support.