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It had everything, including the wiring harness, ECU, pulley system, and coils. The company also produces a wide range of other software for desktops and servers, and is active in areas including Internet search with Bing , the video game industry with the Xbox, Xbox and Xbox One consoles , the digital services market through MSN , and mobile phones via the operating systems of Nokia’s former phones and Windows Phone OS. Swamps Diesel Performance 1. Get Latest News and Articles. With the cam slid in we installed the camshaft retention plate. Of course LQ9s will cost a bit more, but the These tubes feature 1.

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In our case, the only issue with the long-block was some surface rust in one cylinder where water must have leaked in. Yes — 6.0.6000.20617 prefer to receive occasional updates with special offers from carefully selected third party partners of Trucktrend Network. In JuneMicrosoft entered the personal computer production market for the first time, with the launch of the Microsoft Surface, a line of tablet computers.

This would convert the rockers to captured roller trunnions. There are hl of ways to tackle a project like this, but we wanted ours to look nice, so we opted for aftermarket valve covers and fasteners. These work with the factory plastic lifter trays and we feel are of a higher quality compared to 6.0.6000.20617 GM pieces.

If you get lucky and end up with a super-clean engine you can just toss in new rings ho bearings for an even less expensive rebuild. The package starts by increasing the intake valve size from 1. The LY6 was very similar to the L76, but primarily developed for heavy-duty trucks, and the LY6 is still an option for these heavy duty pickups. More Photos View Slideshow. It had everything, including the wiring harness, ECU, pulley system, and coils.


With a low-compression power-adder-ready crate engine from BluePrint Engines on hand we decide to up the power with a pair of centrifugal superchargers from ProCharger Blowers. The Trailblazer SS intake lived up to its hype offering a major bump in the torque curve with an average torque gain across the entire rpm spread of 7 lb-ft over the truck intake 6.0.6000.20671 with an 11 hp peak horsepower increase. But the real gains are on the exhaust side.

Remember that this final test is based on our ,mile short block, LS6 intake and equally stock LS6 camshaft. This is especially prevalent if there 66.0.6000.20617 lube between the washer and the head.

Or we will recommend upgrading to head studs once you’ve reached a power level where we have found 6.0.66000.20617 to be necessary. This leaves two options. Steven Rupp – November 22, Running a thinner head gasket can get some of this lost compression back.

We decided to take that one step further.

LS Fun for Cheap! Budget Rebuild LQ4 Makes hp!

Your shopping cart is empty. This will only lead to disappointment! These tubes feature 1. Its flagship hardware products are the Xbox game consoles and the Microsoft Surface tablet lineup. Since the s, it has increasingly diversified from the operating system market and has made a number of corporate acquisitions. One of the distinguishing features was the increased compression ratio for the LQ9, enabled by a different piston design. This platform had a lot of variety, but the 6.


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It is the world’s largest software maker by revenue, and one of the world’s most valuable companies. We tested the LS6 intake with a stock 78mm throttle body, and as you can see, the combination did lose some low-speed torque compared to both 66.0.6000.20617 truck manifolds but picked up the horsepower against the LQ4 intake, so that the averages were very close.

Budget-Friendly Horsepower – 6.0L Engine

Miscellaneous Components Fittings 2. If you squint, our carbureted LQ4 almost looks like a Gen I small-block, almost. The truck had an unwieldy steam crossover system so we replaced it with plugs on the back of the heads and a simpler crossover on the front. Do you have some mechanical ability? Up to install a Chevrolet Performance serpentine accessory 6.0.6000.20617 system on the small-block Chevrolet engine.

These heads helped the power slightly, but not like we would have seen with a set of much tighter chamber 4.