Users are encouraged to install all updates as soon as possible, as it will contain new enhancements and features for the application. You might have to format it and do a new backup from Windows I have the same question This message may also appear if the drive is unplugged during a backup as the Mac OS reports back a false “write permissions” error when the destination volume goes away during a long write operation. Select ExFAT from the format dropdown.

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Hitachi touro desk pro 3tb hdd does’t work on win 8 to 10

PC users are not affected. If the drive does not display as “Healthy,” or shows the file format as “RAW,” then the partition has become corrupt. All support, resources, and contact information can be found right here.

I have the same isssue withothers people in the topic ” Hitachi turo pro 3 TB is not work on windows 8 but work fine. This thread is locked. Keep us posted for any concerns with windows, we’re glad to assist you. TexasCharlie Replied on December 29, New drives will be labeled as NTFS and have a drive letter assigned.

tadawure – hitachi touro pro driver windows 8

So, going to roll back to Win 7 again, waiting, while this device can work with new Windows. In reply to cosmopotter’s post on December 6, Follow the instructions to download and scan the desired drive. Now that the drive has been erased, the Touro software has also been erased. I would say the issue reappeared recently because those of us using Windows 7 that upgraded to 10 didn’t know about the problem before we upgraded.


Microsoft Windows 10 bit. On your Mac, connect and power the drive 2. Once you own one of our products, we want to make sure it meets your expectations.

Hitachi Touro mobile external HDD not workin… | Windows 8, RT Development and Hacking

Message 6 of 7. Hi Visruth-been a while since you were kind enough to help me with my portable drive that wouldn’t work after I downloaded Windows hitacji The drive is not read-only and is functioning properly.

Failure to wondows the correct power supply can result in damage to the unit, injury or fire. Odd but that’s how it was many many years ago. If the drive is not on the desktop or if “Disk Utility” is showing that the drive is formatted in a file system that is not recognized by the Mac OS, the drive can be formatted so the the Mac OS will recognize it.

In Windows, the mobiel should appear under My Computer as another hard drive shortly after being connected. The reason it shows SCSI is that for the controller being used in the external case is presenting itself as such. Didn’t find what you were looking for?


To get a copy of the software after a format please download it at http: Yashwanth Kotakuri Replied on December 17, Make sure the power adapter is connected directly to a wall outlet, not to an extension cord.

If your external hard drive came with with a Y-cable, use both USB connectors to ensure the drive is getting the appropriate power.

The process should complete in less than 2 minutes and then the drive will be ready for use. Thread Deleted Email Thread.

hitachi touro pro driver windows 8

Find the listing for the external hard drive in the lower middle portion of the window. Windows-based PC to a Hitachi.

Microsoft engineers, please look into this matter and resolve this issue for many of us who all bought this large capacity 3TB hard drives. Touro Desk Pro portable hard drive. Regrets the inconvenience you have experienced.