Text of particular sale unit is placed in each line of file. Both files have the same form. Configuration file description 1. Cashier sales report for EuroTE. Write transmitted value as —0 in case you do not want to change stock value in ECR. PC journal Receipts stored in binary form not human readable. Sets display and rounding decimal places and method.

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Launching the application 1. This mode is used only to detect type of connected ECR. It eugo possible to change separator between first and second quantity.

Euro-2000 Alpha Cash Register

Data description for sale and refund for Euro Sum of all discounts applied to the item. Print mode of bar code: Data description for Euro and Euro For separating these values are used two sorts of separators.

Special character read only. Decimal places limit is over. The logo that will be printed on receipt. It is not possible to perform operation wrong command combination. Only command 81 support multiple PLU in one transfer.


Comm2A (generic version)

Minimal time equals to the reaction speed of ECR 25ms Recommend time is ms. If it is necessary to use space for file names, this command line parameter must be enclosed in quotation marks. All needed parameters are obtained from configuration file.

Secondary scales are not used in cash registers software versions build before Clearing journals in ECR memory 4. It is possible to combine I. Prefix of bar code 00 — 99 2 nd item: This means that all data will be read from the text file and written into a text file.

Tax levels was not written in to the FM. ECR uses only first 17 characters. Euro handy is light and small, however in spite of its dimensions is very good equipped cash registers. In binary mode will be each received sales data stored in a separate file. Sets up the first transferred item parameter is not compulsory for all operations. Obtaining information about last sold item in PC-Online mode 3.

Each item is separated by ” ItemSeparator “. It is the form of data that is used by computers to store numerical data and strings for processing.


Number of decimal places for price coding to bar code 0 — 3 2 nd line: Size depend to ECR type must be eurro the same resolution as graphics logo in ECR otherwise the data will be classified as invalid. The following lines “Number of transmitted records” – 1 contains sales data saled items. For Receiving PC journalText journal or PLU report with non zero sale are configuration file parameters ignored and will be used auto-detect method to get the actual range for downloading these reports.

Sets display and rounding decimal places and method.

Price is printed depending in the flag Number of decimal places for coding price to bar code. The remaining characters are ignored.

First quantity entered using ECR keyboard while selling.