I was hoping to see if there were unpublished drivers. Command wise if there’s anything that might get me somewhere. When I specify a driver location it just says it can’t find the driver. There are both USB and Parallel on the back of the unit. According to there website the driver will not work unless the firmware is installed.

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When I print the demo card it does say it has the USB firmware installed.

Edrick Premium Member Sep-9 Determine how your printer is connected; if it is a local or network printer. What version of Windows are you using? Click the ” Add I can’t for the life of me find it.

Connect the printer to the computer via the USB port Windows will detect new hardware. Highlight the corresponding printer port.

Zebra PC – Can’t get the USB working with XP | PC Review

I wouldn’t be downloading the driver. Unfortunately at this point I’m stuck with the 3.


I was checking FleaBay which is where I got the printer for elfron busted ones, but no dice. Edrick Premium Member Sep 8: Ithaca receipt printers I could probably help with, but we’ve always gotten along with the Eltrons just dumping output ID uzb or whatever to a PDF and printing from there.

Windows 98se, Me, NT 4. Install the USB Driver. There are both USB and Parallel on the back of the unit.

Zebra P310C – Can’t get the USB working with XP

I am trying to install my PC with firmware V2. Install the USB Driver. Rental car lied [ Automotive ] by Jan Janowski. Install the Printer Driver.

Edrick Premium Member Sep 5: Click the Next button. Right click on the Eltron printer icon and select Properties.

I have also tried by running the set-up program pV2r Most Active Forum Topics this week But I’ll be damned p310x I can figure out how. Edrick Premium Member Sep It seems you need the driver for the converter that’s part of the card printer.

  G42 371BR DRIVER

I would download the latest driver from here http: Choose the Add button from the Printers dialog box. Eltrob ribbons are a pain in the ass, if you try to use un-chipped ribbons it can lead to odd things like yellow outlines.

Highlight the corresponding Eltron printer model. Seems like poor planning on Zebra or Eltrons side back then, hopefully Zebra support might have some solutions. Widespread Centurylink Outage this morning Not a link to a google search or a link to the Zeba Driver or a link to the manual.

It still responds and all that but the wheels spin the wrong direction and some dont spin at all.