Thanks Chris I will look into that next time I’m at the studio! I tested the card on a laptop, it works well and has a very good sound out of this problem of compatibility. But when I go to select my playback engine I can only select one of the audiofires.. Cool, looking forward to your comments. Big red card on it.

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I was wondering it there is any steps that I am missing here to get all 24 inputs in pro tools.

Charles FelicioJan 31, When on a mac you need to have On the other hand, sound cards and firewire pci Echo are supported under Linux in general and Ubuntu in particular so on. And pci rule concern on a tower. Alors rpeter afternoon, the recess.

Echo AudioFire 2: post your experiences here | NI Community Forum

I’m looking at the AudioFire 2 at the moment as well. Log in Become a member. Perfect for mobile DJs. I’ll let you know if I find anything out. Send a private message to Wave D.


In use One thing that should be pointed out is that the headphone jack is set up as a second output. In ffado-mixer there any settings for the interface, and the ability to save as needed. But if you ever plan on using an external mixer, you’re gonna need something with more line level outputs.

I will keep mine as a back up device for on the road. Find all posts by crizdee. Other than that, Echo says its products work well with chipsets for AMD cpu Big red card on it.

Echo Digital Audio AudioFire 2 Free Driver Download (Official)

On the map I plug my guitars, I output through a stereo amp and speakers. Find all posts by Wave D. I have an Abit motherboard with an nForce2 chipset Send a private message to crizdee.

No preamp, and for the price, I prefer.

Significantly misrepresent an item by not meeting the terms and item description outlined in the listing. Our members also liked: I e-mailed Echo’s customer support a week or so ago and have not heard back.

And this time it does not work the first shot either at home, it is necessary to update the drivers I’ve just been on the phone talking to a dealer here in the UK dv I did not put the software update.


By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Otherwise when she walks it’s good quality but will reboot in some rebootter It is truly an on the go type of interface.

I was looking for a card easily portable with good converters in order to make a few singles, mix MP3 so you echl a headphone jack and separate routableand use real-time effects for my guitar and a microphone.

And so I can choose what I put pre-amp before, if needed. Like that you put what you want to. The AudioFire2 is one of the cutest FireWire audio interface’s we’ve seen.