Cleaning The Printer Let’s get the positives out of the way first: Philip asked on Dec 14, Moving The Printer I have many unit of this ,complete rubbish, got over 20 unit of it and they all queue up and take turns to failed. Or for anger management. Replacing Toner Cartridges

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Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CMFW Reviews –

Panel Lock Function Oh, one more issue, it does not like cardboard or thick paper. Never tried the fax though.

Cleaning The Scanner It paper jams approximately every second page. Printed out colour google maps and details are legible. I sware, every time i come to use this product there is always something wrong with it. May Wasted money and time One day a sensor, the next a jam, the next it doesn’t pick up jobs from the computer even though its both wirlessly and manualy set up.


Gunny replied on Dec 12, I did so, and they told me to buy a new printer. Color Balance R Frustrated posted on Mar 15, The Top Margin Is Incorrect Bothersome and time consuming, I have not used wireless so cannot review. This issue was only resolved after the technician has totally changed another version of sensor after seeing me coming back for the same issue a few times.

Now just after 3 years of service, another cartridge problem comes.

Warning And Caution Labels Setting The Time And Date CMFW Don’t get sucked in. Loading Print Media Receiving A Fax Types Of Manuals Had mine for a bit over 3 years.

It constantly gets confused about paper sizing A4 and US and then reprints the first page over and over. Jun Worst ever.

DocuPrint CM205 fw How To, FAQ & Answers

Sending A Fax Automatically Cleaning The Printer My model was so faulty that Fuji Xerox decided to replace it, but they would not restart their one-year warranty from the date of delivery of the replacement.


Using The Numeric Keypad It is diappointing that a company like Fuji Xerox would not do a better ddocuprint making this printer do the job it is advertised to do.

Using The Output Tray Extension Although replaced the expensive IOT unit the IOT included new fuser assembly, new drum and development parts and etcit still fail after working for s very short period. Print Media Dimensions Or as a way to smash windows.

Performing Auto Correct Point And Print