For wireless networking install the broadcom b43 restricted driver Openchrome is sufficient for browsing the internet and watching small videos HP Mini Tried Ubuntu 9. So with Ubuntu, I don’t have any crashes. The touchpad is Elantec with integrated buttons – takes getting used to. Wireless network BCM only works with proprietary drivers. If those answers do not fully address your question, please ask a new question.

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HP Mini Works very well with WiFi must still be manually installed as with 9. On some models FMUT at least: One user reports a case of the wireless drivers not working initially.

Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9. I learned quite a bit and appreciate it.

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The fix is to follow the steps suggested here: There are no problems with the microphone here though it is advised to turn the input all the way up in the Sound application and Bluetooth does not deol. Flag bcmwl-modaliases for removal.

Everything, except hibernate, works as soon as the wireless device is installed. This doesn’t happen when using WiFi. What version of ubuntu is to be installed in dell-mini?


Dell Mini 10v running Android and Ubuntu

On the linux kernel line, near quiet splash add nolapic quiet splash nolapic If that works, we can add it to the default boot options. No action is needed. Therefore I had to backup one Mibi partition externally, and turn the free space into an Extended partition, where then Ubuntu could do its thing of course it is also an option to totally delete all the HP and Windows vudeo stuff Then another problem was that the Wifi didn’t work out of the box with the Everything works out of the box but 10 recommended Broadcom STA driver does not appear to activate in live mode.

Try to install broadcom drivers from Additional Drivers app – it will install the same driver that you want to install manually.

Open a terminal and edit your Grub configuration file: Hoang Huynh 3. Touchpad has the same issue as the beta. It is possible this was related to some lockup issues. The edge scrolling doesn’t work out of the box. Should this really be under videi 64 bit heading?


Wireless does not work out of the box. Abhishek Prakash 89 1 1 9.

Working patch is issued at link. Waiting a few minutes usually causes it to correct itself. Mini install CD doesn’t work with ehternet and wifi. Wireless using the rt hardware has some issues in mixed authentication mode, and still will not connect to wireless-n sytstems Asus Eee PC HA Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.

Device rev c0 Sprint confirms it’s working. A patch is available, however it looks like it hasn’t made it into the released kernels yet. T-Mobile, Sprint parent companies. The two steps to resolve this issue are to first, go into alsamixer and set either the Left or Right microphone channel to a very high number I set mine at around 90 and the other at zero 0.

Reboot and launch Memtest or another non-Ubuntu boot option.