For you to consider windev 32 and the C: A while back, more than 6 years back IIRC, I spent some time researching and testing the different scenarios for a project I was involved in. Since Auditing changes to databases could be very time-intensive depending on the number of rows in each table being synched, the best options would be:: No need to be fancy, just an overview. Yes, a strong feature of Clarion for nearly 2. This article contains content that is written like an advertisement.

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Hi Clqrion, From what I can understand, App “B” is maintaining a parallel copy of certain tables of App “A” in maybe a different database type for its own usage. Is the ODBC driver robust enough for inserts and updates to where we could depend on it if we wrote the proxy app in another language?

Clarion (programming language)

This can result in some functionality being described in the help together with code snippets where that functionality is not in the specific product being used. Net was announced without a “gold” release, Clarion. There was alot to like, but getting data in and out of the program was a necessity for me, and Topspeed didn’t seem to make it easy.

This is also now mentioned in the Archived updates in Clarion Win32 in C8 help file. It will be your job to use the built-in file converter to convert your existing Topspeed.


My problem is that I do not have a odbc driver file for it. This process of embedding code can be done while viewing the surrounding generated code. It uses topspeed files when it creates a database. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

You didn’t mention which version of Clarion you’re clraion – I’ll assume you’re at least using version 5 v5.


Clarion also has the ability to generate DLL’s that can be consumed by external non-Clarion applications, taking full advantage of all of Clarion’s 4GL capabilities and simply “plugging in” to the procedures it has created.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Around the same time period, Clarion released Clarion Report Writer. On April 13, SoftVelocity released Clarion 7 a. Contact Sales for obdc information.

ODBC Driver For Clarion

Way, way back in November SoftVelocity released Clarion 7. Niels and his team were working on a new compiler technology at Borland when Philippe Kahn decided to buy Wizard C, and ofbc it Turbo C.

The same source could target Win16 or Win TopSpeed released Claarion for Windows version 1. This is helpful for those who are forced to maintain a Clarion product but have no way of upgrading third party tools due to lack of support. For you to consider windev 32 and the C: Also, Then Topspeed seem to sell everything as an Add-on, which could hace gotten expensive.


Unlike Clarion 7 and later releases, Osbc does not yet have a dictionary editor or application generator. Clarion for Windows version 1.

clrion Net product is not installed. I’ll look into FullRecord Velocity continually improves the core Clarion product to ensure that you can compete in the ever changing IT marketplace.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This focus on the data starts with the Data Dictionary which odbx a method for formally declaring data tables.

You may distribute the programs you create royalty- free. I will attempt to summarise the finding here with a few additional comments picked up in NG threads along the way. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. The new IDE in Clarion mode retains the ability to build.

Clarion’s documentation is of a varying standard with the mixture of “Enterprise Level” and “.

The generation layer is not required.