Upgrading to KG1 2. Chainfire does come with a couple features that everyone can use, even on high-end Android. While this option greatly reduces memory usage and can have an awesome speed improvement as result, it is NOT compatible with a LOT of apps. And it doesn’t need any specific ROM? In order to run Chainfire 3D in super awesome mode, you need a plugin for your processor.

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You may have to convert the files from unix-newline format to windows-newline format.

ANDROID Squad: ChainFire 3d

XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. Using this feature you can turn that off. Purchasing it chinfire support my efforts. Chainfire3D will now dump every shader the target app attempts to compile.

This will lower texture quality, but for many games the difference isn’t even visible. It is also the best possible configuration you can have performance-wise. chainfite

Chainfire 3D Boosts Performance and Battery of Android Devices

The TechNorms website the full version, not mobile rendered flawlessly with zero tiling or fuzzy placeholders. Or wait a minute.

Most apps don’t enable MSAA themselves at all. May 21, NightMode” application earlier, you should uninstall it before installing this. Using electronic gadgets at night can be kind of blinding. Make sure to make a Nandroid backup before installing this.


Take Control of All Aspects of Your Device’s 3D Rendering Subsystem with Chainfire3D!

These can be quite complicated, and they are not always chainfiee between different GPUs. Though texture memory use is cut in half, often you don’t see a big difference or any difference at all even in the end-result being displayed on screen.

The other feature chaknfire at all phones is the addition of night mode. We got Samurai II: Select it and let Chainfire install. Developers may not expect this i. Specifics – Free version In the free version, you can only configure the “default” settings, so you’ll likely be in the Chainfire3D configuration tool a lot.

Available options are automatic the app decides4x, and 16x. This feature should only be used if an app specifically requires it – there is a good chance apps will NOT run if you change this setting the wrong way.

Most apps don’t enable MSAA themselves at all. We tried the low-end settings and found that it helped performance a noticeable amount. Reduce texture size This essentially cuts supported textures’ resolution in half, which usually reduces memory use 4x and improves performance, at the cost of slightly reducing texture quality.

If you were running the “CF3D:: This is something I’d like to try out, too bad I’m a opegnl nobody when it comes to this stuff.


For every problem there is a creative hack by somebody over at XDA, as long as you have the technical expertise to use it.

The various modes especially red are also great in low-light conditions, as they have less effect on your night-vision than a full-color screen Generic ooengl about textures The features below are opsngl used if a texture format is supported.

Testing the shaders Obviously, you will need to kill the target app first, then you can push the shaders back to the device at the same location. This should not influence texture quality, but it does use more memory. To top everything off, Chainfire can put a nice-looking toggle icon on the launcher for easy switching.

Just root and install? Substratum The ultimate, most complete theming solution for Android. Chainfire 3D is one of those hacks. The results are nothing short of spectacular.