Do you already have an account? The chip number that you have given is probably the key to the problem. So far it will anser the line when it receives a call, and it will send about seconds of audio to the line before it has problems. No new drivers are required. You might take a look at Marc Boucher’s hfscompat driver at http: Make a note of the IRQ number listed. Open up your tower and remove your Modem Device, keep it removed and close your tower.

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Locate any Motorola Modem software, click uninstall.

“Cannot register sm56 driver”

Zm56 has nothing to do with the Motorola SM56 modem, but it does supply wrappers for some of the removed or missing kernel functionality to get drivers intended for older kernels working on newer ones. I am at work at the moment so I can’t look at my own modem. Uncheck the Use Automatic Resources check box.

Want to know which application is best for the job?

Motorola SM56 speakerphone modem driver – TechRepublic

It is not available even in the motorola site. Lower the rate, using AT commands, until the problem is corrected. Did you have your current modem working with Mandrake 8. It also retains the current modem COM port so all communication applications will continue to function correctly.


Eliminating most CPU accesses to main memory considerably improves overall system performance. Thanks anyway Dmiles cannof Votes.

cannot register/modem

This will reinstall your previous modem software. DOS box support is disabled after the SM56 is installed.

Coco Jan 27, Refer to the AT Commands section in the on-line User’s Guide for an explanation of these commands and responses. I notice that from the lspci command, your modem is analog devices SM Well, my video card is an onboard one.

Remove the SM56 hardware from the computer. This question was closed by the author 0 Votes. The modem setup program for PCI does not prompt for user input during installation.

To “use” the Software means that the Software is either loaded in the temporary memory e. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Ensure that your modem is dialing the correct number.

If the application requires it, enter specific AT commands for the SM56 modem. I have the same question 6. For Some reason Motorola has taken out the link to the update for this driver year build 0 Votes. Run modem diagnostic from the SM56 Control Panel. Installation rsgister now complete. The best way is not to use a Winmodem, but use a real harware serial modem; then it will just work. BB code is On.


cannot install Motorola SM56 modem – Microsoft Community

If the file is made executable then it should be able to run The tainted kernel warning is nothing to worry about, it won’t cause a problem. This reduces slow hard-disk swapping and improves overall system performance Open the Windows Control Panel. Open the SM56 Control Panel application. Post your question in this forum.