Rich Oct 2, at 8: Ok thomas you are suggesting using a club much heavier or stronger lofted than anything on the market. The stock Rogue shaft lived up to its reputation of being a smooth shaft. The year was very good year for drivers. Callaway seem coy about what it brings and talk about RMOTO increasing the smash factor, but reading between the lines, the ribs in the design allow the edges to flex a little more in a similar way to the various channels in other drivers.

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David Nov 10, at The sole looks hi-tech like a Nuclear Reactor and you know it has a Gravity Core so that make sense.

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Black Diamond Driver

Each shaft I thought went well, but hey, the club is black. Rather than provide a list of all the sources I would like to produce the easiest and the link is Ping. Sans alignment aid as well as a very deep face with a compact body for a full driver is impressive. Jimmy Oct 1, at COR is just one of the variables that affects smash factor. My only objective is to point out your incorrect assumptions passed off as facts to other people.


News 3 weeks ago. Keep xlpha the Kool Aid! With a nice smooth swing I hit the ball 40 yards farther. Ian Jan 6, at I think what I was saying basically is you can get NEW golf equipment cheaper now than you could 15 years ago. So at least maybe you will concede that my initial post that got this whole debate started is in fact valid. Those are averages, you should work on your reading comprehension. The consumer confusion factor alone is not worth it.

I hit it in a D3, that club was absolutely the bomb. Transformer era of golf club design, not sure I was too far off when I said that months ago.

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Driver Review – Golfalot

I’d have to say I agree to a point. Videos 1 week ago. Alpah change in any varaible of club mass, ball mass, COR, or contact point changes smash factor. I have a number of high end drivers and this earned a spot in my bag starting with the first swing I took with it this year.

Compare this with the new Titleist and you can see how much of a toy this looks. For me the was the longest and straightest consistently.

You keep diamod the same stuff on every new equipment story. Bryan Oct 1, at 4: I would recommend this club to lower handicappers looking to increase distance through adjustability. Every ball speed has an optimal launch angle and spin rate to achieve maximum distance. Learn how your comment data is processed. When people stop buying the new clubs that come out every few months maybe clubs companies will stop with that marketing plan.


Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver Review

Holy crap, Callaway taking over Taylormade as kings of the new driver every month. That should put the head weights in the to gram range, with the DBD being a few grams heavier. Thus the longer and straighter marketing bull some fall for. Assuming a perfect strike, if enough mass could be added to a driver to offset the efficiency lost by dynamic loft a smash factor calkaway than 1.

The blaci off the face is great! What how can you not love a new driver every 3 months? If you have ever snowboarded or downhill-skied, you know that Double Black Diamonds are for expert only.