There’s a surprise in landscape camera mode the onboard accelerometer automatically switches the orientation for you when the display takes on touch screen abilities to offer eight buttons along the top and bottom of the screen. Newest first Oldest first Best rating. Any ideas how I can fix this? With this change the flash reaches 3 meters! No results found No results found: Google Maps is also bundled so you can see where your pics have been taken on a map.

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With this change the flash reaches 3 meters! The sound is loud enough to be heard in calls even on a busy street.

Small and very compact may not appeal to all, buttons are interesting and take a c9022 to get used to, design although unassuming packs in a rocket of a phone. SE have fixed the bug I had a prob at start with it freezing up occasionally but fixed that with the free software updater on SE website. Be a good overall performer with some tricks up its sleeve.

Save this, I have no complaints about this C which I have owned for 3 weeks. Looking at the back however, it’s not immediately obvious that there even is a camera, since there’s no lens in sight and no lens cover.

Is it possible to mod the drivers yourself to have more Sharpness in the Cam Drivers? So who’s the best!!!!! Small, agile and adjustable, the C Webcam brings a whole new angle to video calling, making you look and sound like a pro.


Modded camera driver for SE C902 by paparazy (1.2p version fix bugs)

But there’s no Wi-Fi to add off-mobile speedy web browsing. Modded camera driver for SE C by paparazy 1. I have a c with mod pack 6 flashed onto it using a2uploader, does this mod pack brst the new camera drivers on, if not whats the best c092 to besy into my phone.

Check ur cam drive sample pics It’s got a great camera too though it’s a shame its abilities are reduced by an inferior flash and a smaller screen than we’d have expected. Samsung Galaxy A7 review. I just got this phone yesterday. You can also add the Storyteller application which allows you to add frames and thought bubbles, as well as add paint effects and upload them to your Facebook or Bebo page.

When you add new camera drivers to your phone does it override the original or do you have to delete the original?? Visit your preferred video calling solution provider’s website for exact information on system and performance requirements.

I dropped it at least times, still having no problem. There’s a Photo fix option which will automatically correct any glaring light balance issues.

Bsst is better po. Great for a college student [like me: They are given for capturing unprecedented moments which you dont expect and haven’t carried your camera for.


A few things you may want to have a look at when buying the C Redesigned keypad There is however, as there often is with Sony Ericsson, more. Please use a more current browser to view our site. Is this the latest Cam Driver version? Our Verdict A no-nonsense slimline candy bar handset with a great camera including slide system and touch screen menu. On my old Sony Ericsson Vi i can play h video in.

Newest first Oldest first Best rating.

Logitech C PRO HD Webcam, p Video with Stereo Audio

If you want to make a good impression on an important Skype call, record polished demos or showcase your skills and passions on YouTube, the C will deliver the goods, with remarkably crisp and detailed Full HD video p at 30fps as well as clear, stereo sound.

The music player may not be quite as advanced as those on Sony Ericsson’s Walkman series, but it’s well thought out and really not missing anything essential. If you have friends with phones that support photo feeds they can get updates pushed from your blog to their phones and see your latest pics straight away.

I asked for the Ki but the seller told u