The wireless card doesn’t activate when I start up the computer, or when I insert the card after the first start. There seems to be a problem completing the request at present. Hey, I followed the guide and everything seemed to work perfectly, however I can not connect to any wireless network. Previously I had Fedora and I had gotten the wirless to work with a similar process. Here are two How-Tos they are more or less the same, but each explains different things better: Note The location and name of the.

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Download bt voyager 1065 laptop adapter

By achieving networking speeds that are faster than standard I am exceedingly obliged. These forums keep a linux n00b like me from getting discouraged and returning to windows! Maybe because I thought the card had a Sweex chipset but Sweex was “just” the vendor. It was as easy as it sounds. Hi jangeles and all in the forum: I have everything in place but the wireless NIC gets turned off as soon as GDM starts the wireless led is turned on during system boot but it turns off when the graphical interface loads.

At the moment, attempting to extract bcmwl5.

How can I get BT voyager wireless card working on Ubuntu ? | Yahoo Answers

However, when I turned on my notebook just now, I could connect to my wireless! Coming to this page and following these directions upgrade to feisty then try it again?


HTTP request sent, awaiting response Konsole spit out a bunch of error messages, but it still opened Kate. If it works fine if you issue the command, then it’s healthy.

Broadcom Corporation Unknown device rev 03 The reason this confuses me is I just set up a computer for my daughter — same model, using the exact same distro Feisty Fawn with all of the hardware identical, and things proceeded exactly like your “How To” — letter by letter.

Thank you so much for offering your help! So you have to turn it on by default in your bios settings. Previously I had Fedora and I had gotten the wirless to work with a similar process.

This is surely a great boyager when you can find all this information and get all your problems solved!

How can I get BT voyager 1065 wireless card working on Ubuntu 9.10?

But, I got a problem in step three when I try to install “bcm43xx. Does anybody now if there is a way to get 54Mb speeds instead of just 11?

The thing that is stopping me is that Ubuntu uses 2. Woohoo, my wireless is working: Give the group some details so we can help. I loaded Gnome network manager, and at first it listed a wireless network.


lismemiper – Download bt voyager laptop adapter

Pity the Ubuntu documentation doesn’t detail the missing piece between the driver supplied with kernel and actual connectivity. The post seems to show that all is ok, yet it didn’t work. I tried to use the first link that the tutorial said to do if you have the BCM card, but everytime I type it in I replaced gedit with Kate of course. That I just installed the other day after formating my whole drive. Have an Compaq nx with a Broadcom Once you reboot the wireless light on your laptop should be lit.

This isn’t a big deal, but can anyone explain why it happens or how to make it work right on startup? Here is what I’ve done remember I’m using Kubuntu, not Ubuntu. I see the networks around me. I hover my mouse and receives the message “No network connection”, I rightclick and see a tick where “Enable Networking” stands. I didn’t do anything For this reason it is being sold as untested.