The host server or workstation does not recognize your DLT1 tape drive. Save the packing materials in case you need to move or ship your drive in the future. Connecting The Cables Within 4 seconds, press the Unload button again. Dlttape Cartridge Write-protect Switch Device Status Log Page 3eh

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Read Block Limits 05h – Data Format When you insert a new, unformatted cartridge into your DLT1 tape drive, the loading sequence takes longer because the drive is writing reference tracks on the tape.

The SCSI host adapter might be in a defective expansion slot. Connecting The Cables Dlt Cleaning Cartridge The host server or workstation does not recognize your DLT1 tape drive.

Request Sense – Data Format When To Use Termination Mode 1a – Load Drv Control Mode Page 0ah Follow the instructions on page to unload the cleaning cartridge. Changeable Mode Parameters Before loading a DLTtape cartridge into your DLT1 tape drive, make sure the write-protect switch on the front of the cartridge is positioned as desired. This test ensures that your drive is working properly and is ready to use.


Send Diagnostic 1dh Locate the SCSI cable in the accessories package.

Installing Your Dlt1 Internal Drive Tapealert Parameters Page 2eh Medium Devoce Element Addresses Command Complete 00h Message Parity Error 09h Unpack and check your drive for shipping damage. Indicator Activity Rev.

Benchmark DLT1 DLT Tape Drive – C:\Users\todd\Documents\DLT1 Installation Guide |

During a firmware update, take reasonable precautions to prevent a power failure. Drive Status and Indicator Activity Rev. Dlt7 Autoloader Error Messages A cartridge is in the drive While the drive loads the cartridge, the In Use indicator blinks.

Some servers and workstations require mounting rails for internal devices. Insert the Firmware Upgrade Tape into the drive.

This image must be byte-written without compression onto the tape. Make a valid Code Upgrade cartridge to solve this problem.

Quantum DLTtape DLT1 Manuals

Table of contents Table Of Contents Replace the cleaning cartridge when all boxes are checked. The tape must also be uncompressed. Table of contents Contact Information Medium Partition Page – Data Format