This is how it looks in lshw under Gutsy: Dennis van der Pool dennisvanderpool wrote on Can you try updating to this newer kernel and verify this bug is still an issue for you? I vote for inclusion of legacy drivers in Gutsy. Leann Ogasawara leannogasawara wrote on Since a fix was released according to the bug reports state , and the bug is there again, I suppose it a regression with oneiric and precise! If the problem is specific to an AP then the problem may be with the AP, in which case there probably isn’t much we can do.

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I’m not able to associate to my AP at all.

Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. All devices are disconnected, going bn-ad54g restore regulatory settings [ In fact, I have found wireless to be horrible in lucid. All times are GMT Nominated for Dapper by escipio. In Gutsy bn-w5d4g network worked well, it had some troubles but overall I was quite happy with it. Join Date Jun Posts Linux – Networking This forum is for any issue related to networks or networking.


What is going on here fellas. Ignoring regulatory request Set by core since the driver uses its own lonux regulatory domain [ I should add, the connection is dropped just the same under 2. Neil Wallace rowinggolfer wrote on Quick confirmation of post 13 — I was seeing the infamous ‘deauthenticating from If it all goes well it might benefit lots of other members struggling such as me.

Daniel Hershcovich daniel-h wrote on Disabling the power management via iwconfig seems to solve the problem. Please login or register.

[ubuntu] Noobs: This USB WiFi is plug & play!

What wireless chipset are you having a problem with in Gutsy? I just don’t have time to frig around with Linux any more. Related questions bn-ad54g in Ubuntu: Ralink driver is under heavy development. Sorry for the wasted time!! The legacy drivers should also be included. I did not look deep enough to find out what “dhclient” is calling while initializing the interface. Sorry, this was for the rt chip rt2x00pci driver.

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Gutsy installs the SMP version of the kernel with no facility I can find to replace it with the uni kernel without connecting to the Net Seth Forshee sforshee wrote on This is how it looks in lshw under Gutsy: Wicd always connects to my network on reboot without issue, but if I try to scan for other networks, it says none are found. Got it to work eventually with the rt73usb driver. If you do not get the warning, then turn NM on.


So please be patient, things are moving and they are on the right way. I’m on a RT card. Current status of the driver for rt2x00 cards is what makes bn-wd54f NOT upgrade to Gutsy.

Newbie to linux just cant get network up.

Me too I am afraid.