Selenium2 gives you the ability to take full control of a real browser with a clean consistent proxy API. Email Required, but never shown. Thoughts on this post everzet Mink is a browser emulator abstraction layer. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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Now, we need to tell Behat and Mink to run this scenario in a different session with a different browser emulator.

Developing Web Applications with Behat and Mink — Behat documentation

We fill the search box with ID lst-ib with the value that we passed in through the feature file. Download latest Selenium jar from the: Didnt even need that whole GUI class. Behxt mode registers that you have available browsers and fires up browser windows to automate. Which brings us on to….

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. To get around this, I seleenium Selenium Grid to run the tests remotely on my iMac. Finally, lets add our custom wait step to context:.

Post as a guest Name. From looks of the error its seems Mink is not compatible with Selenium3, can you check what the tools site says for Selenium3?


The most interesting part is web applications. To do this, we use a built in Mink method, page:: Working with a variety of languages and tools, he shares his technical expertise seoenium audiences all around the world at user groups and conferences.

Once you have both of those running, jump back to the directory that contains. From the exception it seems that Mink may not be compatible with Selenium 3. OS appears to be: Are you telling me I am a fool to suppose that Selenium2Driver work with selenium 3?

In that case, just add an insulated tag to your behag. Some feature with insulated scenario javascript insulated Selrnium Mink integration into Behat happens thanks to MinkExtension. What version of the selenium package are you on?

Give it 20 seconds or so, and in that time you should see a Firefox instance appear and then close. First of all, thanks a lot for posting this.

Behat + Selenium2 / Webdriver with MinkExtension

You need selenium version 3 for the python packages also. I am running tests using Behat, Mink and Selenium2. You should be ready to run. The problem is we need both these emulator types in order to do successful functional testing. You can specify the input ID, beyat or label see docs to select a aelenium to fill. By extending MinkContext, we inherit a lot of built in steps to use when driving Selenium.


Copy and paste the snippets into GuiContext. Now you should create a specific scenario in order for it to be runnable through Selenium:. I found the best way to mitigate that multiple popup thing is to do: The entire step looks something like this:.

It should show you all the predefined web steps as MinkExtension will automatically use the bundled MinkContext if no user-defined context seleniuj is found. The browser in this case will be fully reloaded and cleaned before scenario:.