In addition, if Microsoft SQL Server named instances are used, permission must be granted for the listen and accept actions as shown in the following example:. The following code examples show how to access the WebLogic Server interfaces for Oracle extensions that are not available as public interfaces, including interfaces for:. Sybase Adaptive Server Table DB2 Connection Properties. You can create a DB2 package automatically by specifying specific connection properties in the initial connection URL. This batch file creates a folder for the JDBC 1. If the above steps are not performed on the database server, normal XA database queries and updates may work fine.

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There are interoperability limitations when using different versions of WebLogic Server clients and servers.

WebLogic Type 4 JDBC Drivers

This documentation uses the following terms to describe the different DB2 versions:. Wbelogic Adaptive Server Enterprise The REF target must be a row in an object table. Type 2 XA Drivers native.

If you are using an Oracle tnsnames. If using Windows Active Directory, this machine is also the domain controller.

Prior to Adaptive Server version Microsoft SQL Server By default, the DB2 driver skips the additional processing required to return the correct table name for each column in the result set when the ResultSetMetaData.


Access to a database server installed on the local network.

See Using Sybase jConnect 5. Because the new internal mechanism for supporting vendor extensions does not rely on the previous implementation, several interfaces are no longer needed and are deprecated. However, when a WebLogic Server 7.

You can then use the array as a java. Driver class files are included in the manifest classpath in weblogic. If this option is unchecked, the drivers are not installed. If set to -1, jsbc driver caches all insensitive result set data in memory. Microsoft SQL Server and higher.

Index for WebLogic Type 4 JDBC Drivers

If you use the weblogic. In general, WebLogic Server supports using vendor extensions in server-side code. Transactions can be shared among different execution threads, or may not be associated with an execution thread detached. ThinBlob interface, you can access the BEA supported methods.

The application fetches the values of generated keys from the driver using the Statement. To use the setValue object method to update a REF value, you create an object with the new values for the REF, and then pass the object as a parameter of the setValue method.


SQL Server is supported only on Microsoft operating systems. On some systems this can be as long as 9 minutes. The request will hang for each connection in the JDBC data source.

Support performance-oriented and enterprise functionality such as distributed transactions, savepoints, multiple open result sets and parameter metadata. Specifies whether results are restricted to the tables in the current schema if a DatabaseMetaData. The driver must be able to locate the keystore and unlock the keystore with the appropriate keystore password.

Supported Database Configurations

Because this password is the one secret piece of information that identifies a user, anyone knowing a user’s password jdgc effectively be that user. Sample Connection Pool Configuration. Depending on the type of keystore used, the driver also may need to unlock the keystore entry with a password to gain access to the certificate and its private key.

The Select statements for which ResultSet metadata is returned may contain aliases, joins, and fully qualified names.