Refer to Chapter 4: A lower stripe size is recommended for server systems. Page 64 To remove the power supply unit PSU: To create an IS volume: Using the Objects commandTo check data consistency using the Objects command: Take caution when changing the settings of the Advanced menu items. From the utility main menu, highlight Configure, then press.

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Refer to this section to view volume properties, manage the hot spare disk,synchronize the array, activate the array, and delete the array. Select an itemthen press to display the sub-menu. The available stripe size values range from 4 KB to KB.

TSE5/PA4 Manual | Servers & Workstations | ASUS Global

Page 64 To remove the power supply unit PSU: Refer to theillustration below for the location of the SAS connectors. Turn OFF the computer and unplug the power cord. Align the screw holes.

This chapter describes the generalfeatures of the barebone server,including sections on the front paneland rear panel specifications.


From the utility main menu, select 2. Press to exit or press to return to the utility main menu. Refer to Chapter 4: Insert the LSI driver diskette into the A: From the utility main menu, select 3.

Open the front bezel to access the hot-swap drive trays. Press to commit the changes. Select [Ignored] if you do not wish to display the detected speed.

Failure to do so may cause physical injury, and damage to the card andmotheboard components! The Select New Array Type screen appears.

Remove the HDD blower case. Select Installation from the Boot Options menu, then press. Each wheel has a brake lock to stabilize the chassis in place. Remove the screws and setthem aside. Data on the primary disk may be migrated.

The Adapter Properties screen appears. Use the arrow keys to select New Configuration, then press. The bottom one is LAN1. Failure to do so may causedamage to the motherboard and other system components! ts300-ee5


Top-performance Pedestal UP Server with 45nm Processor Ready

Motherboard information for detailed information on themotherboard. Page Chapter 6: Page 67 This chapter describes how to installoptional components into the bareboneserver. If correctly installed, theouter edge of the backplane alignswith the corner of the drive cage. Align the backplane with the rail-likedents on the slot to ensure that it fitssecurely.

Remove four screws from the chassis bottom. Removing ts300e-5 side coverRemove the two screws that securethe cover to the chassis. Disconnect the floppy disk cableand power cable from the drive tocompletely release the drive.

From the utility main menu, highlight Configure, then press.