Upcoming Webinars Databases Gone Serverless? Both solutions are expensive, it would be interesting to see Also, has anyone started testing the High Point ? Arent they supposed to be more reliable than a normal HDD. With that the cost should be low and I would think the performance should be good too. Terms of Use Privacy Copyright Legal. Block size is 16KB in all cases.

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These two sites have gobs of information about SSDs: Does something like this exist and I missed it? I did benchmarks just after format.

Adapttec Vadim, Was Garbage collection running when the tests were taken? When solid state devices are created a certain amount of extra memory is put into the device for fail-over. Both solutions are expensive, it would be interesting to see.

Both solutions are expensive, it would be interesting to see Also, has anyone started testing the High Point ? I hope Care get access to multiple SSD configuration someday. Where to store 8 cards. Terms of Use Privacy Copyright Legal. SandForce and Indilinx are catching up.


In that case, the cost of FusionIO doubles: The results for random write is here: But if you have insights how to do it — I would like to see! Flash performance is a lot different when GC is running and the driver has to find good place to write while erasing the other prior used parts.


DM me at jostholis. Great piece of hardware! However I am going to run long-running test to see how it performs. Percona Labs designs no-gimmick tests of hardware, filesystems, storage engines, and databases that surpass the standard performance and functionality scenario benchmarks.

Optimization, Backups, and Replication 3rd Edition. Both failed within two weeks of one another, in different systems. Also have an XM in my Macbook now; amazing!

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Unfortunately when the extra memory is used and any other memory dsb lost the solid state drive completely fails.

Adaptec – Select Products for Comparison Product Family Comparison

I should say I really appreciate an opportunity to play with this card and with combination of two cards. Does this sound like something useful? Jos, There couple things to consider about 8 SSD cards 1. Shirish, I did benchmarks just after format. Doing the quick math on cost for parts rounded values for ballpark figures: Solid State drives may be more reliable in the short term but, from my understanding based on a discussion with my brother-in-law who works for Micron who supplies Intelsold state has adapted tendency toward catastrophic failure.


Also Intel recommends XE for server and workstation applications plus it has higher write throughput and is a SLC design so Car have attached both price cad This card is also not cheap, the price I can find on dell.

FusionIO 320GB MLC benchmarks

Other users could run the same benchmark, and report their specs as well. As sections of memory die data is routed to the extra memory that can not otherwise be accessed.

I would be careful putting 8 cards into RAID 0 configuration. The full numbers are available on our Wiki benchmarks pagecouple words about benchmarks.