This test tests the autopolling and PHY interrupt capabilities. The drivers are for. This test verifies the reset value of the registers. After completing the file extraction, if the Self-Extractor window is still broadcom 57xx dos, close it. In either mode, you can view the version of the adapter software and specify which adapter to test and which tests to perform. This is the hardware built-in self-test BIST. The program takes only a few broadcom 57xx dos to compute the checksum of most files.

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Specify which individual test s within a group or which group s of tests to run by including the test designation or group designation in the command string, as shown in the examples below:. This test sets the reset bit and polls for self-clearing bits. Next, start the system with the boot disk in drive A. This test tests the autopolling and PHY interrupt capabilities. Norton ghost broadcom 57xx bbroadcom controller.

By default, an incremental data pattern is used. This test writes each address with a 57xs increment of data and reads back data to ensure data is ds. The MS-DOS Command Prompt mode is useful for viewing and changing the settings for available properties, updating and loading device firmware, viewing the version doss and printing the error log if any to a file. The drivers are for. After the test, the program reads back data one more time to ensure that the data is still correct.


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The program takes only a few broadcom 57xx dos to compute the checksum of most files. As the files are being loaded, the computer attempts to attach to a NetWare server using the frame types specified in Net.

This command should be used only for add-in adapters. A 0xsized data buffer is used for this test.

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The values for settings are in decimal notation unless otherwise indicated. This test writes test data into the SRAM, writes complement test data to the next address, and reads back both to ensure the data is correct. A precalculated pseudo-random data set is used to write unique data to each test RAM. After filling the entire address with the dow data, the program reads back the data again to ensure that the data is still correct.

It initializes the medium access control MAC into an internal loopback mode and transmits packets. Use the file that is appropriate for the type of hardware interface copper or fiber.

Check the DHCP server to see if it is functioning properly. The test attempts to read the register configuration file Miireg.

If the connection is successful, a dialog box appears. Broadcom NetXtreme User Diagnostics also allows you to update device firmware and to view and change settings for available adapter properties.


This can broadcom 57xx dos done in the Hyper-V Manager.


Continues to count up to Verify that the Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet adapter driver software has been broadcom 57xx dos on your system. However, it offers no hot keys for easy program access or transparency animation options. You may make one copy of the Software solely for backup or archival purposes, or transfer it to a single hard dow or broadcom 57xx dos device provided you keep the copy solely for backup or archival purposes. The test fills the test range with test data and reads the data back to verify the content.

Broadcom NetXtreme 57zx Diagnostics can be run in either of the following modes:. Selects the MBA speed and duplex mode. The 0xbyte test buffer is cleared to 0 before each receive DMA.

The test writes and reads back the data for the entire test range, and then restores the original 57xxx of the VPD memory.

If it has not, install it see Installing the Driver Software. Alternate Data Pattern Test.