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I’ve Fallen Back and I Can’t Get Up

UPDATE: Just made my first mistake I can blame on the new Admin format of WP 2.7. I mistook the “Password to protect this post” input box for the “Tags” box.

Went to sleep before Midnight Daylight Time and awoke after Noon Standard Time and I feel like I can go right back to sleep until Wednesday (a luxury that’s only for those of us who VOTED EARLY), but I have practical financial issues to deal with on Monday (rent, duh, and a particular ‘repair your credit’ credit card that is a perpetual inconvenience and one more reason to have zero sympathy for failing banks).

Stuffed OpusBedtime was after a slight delay while I freaked out over similarities between my sleeping arrangements and Opus’ – yes, a stuffed animal is involved, but it’s not a bunny… or a penguin, although I do kind of own a stuffed Opus which is in a box in a storage space that has never been sorted through by me and my Crazy Ex and I don’t even want to think about what that custody fight will be like. Okay, now I’ll never get back to sleep. Please tell Opus to stop staring at me. Or at least to blink.
Opus on Vicodin


Goodnight Opus

The final Opus comic strip appeared online a couple hours ago, but the final reveal of the beloved penguin’s ‘final paradise’ had to wait for the Humane Society to update its website. (An interesting strategy for Berkeley Breathed, who started the eponymous Sunday Funnie as absolutely-paper-only… I’m sure Opus fans who acquired newsstand “Saturday Preview” editions of their Sunday papers are especially pissed) Well, the waiting is finally over because here he is…


After all his references to Peanuts and a recent appearance at the Charles Schulz Museum, I had publicly guessed he’d end up “sharing a doghouse with Snoopy”, but did so too late to enter the contest.

Berkeley Breathed explained much of it here and here.

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…thus bringing semi-closure to one of my personal obsessions. In tribute, I am currently attired only in a towel, like Steve Dallas in the last three strips. And I wrote the title to this post hours before seeing the final panel. Spooky.