"A Picture Is As Many Bytes As A Thousand Words"


Sorry I haven’t been on the ol’ blog the last few days. I’ve been concerning myself with things purely (and impurely) visual… keeping the PhotoSlop updated on a daily basis; trying to self-teach myself the GIMP graphics program (with not a lot of success) and participating in the infamous Fark Photoshop Contests


And, a thingy on BoingBoing about ‘Magritte mashups’ inspired me to do one myself. I’m surprised I haven’t seen this idea somewhere else:


Of course, that whole ‘tubes’ meme is getting old fast (and I am doing nothing that might slow the aging process), but I think the next popular silly-and-or-dumb way to refer to the Net-and-or-Web comes to us via “My Name Is Earl” (where most everything the regular characters do is silly-and-or-dumb): “The Wide Wide World of Web” (WWWoW) That was part of an episode where Earl and Company discover the WWWoW via a recently died acquaintance’s computer with a direct reference to Television Without Pity, where he’d participated in the discussion boards with the nickname “whojackie”… but wait, TWOP had a user called “whojackie”, and, sure enough, that user had posted comments over the last several weeks that referred to this episode of “Earl” that had not yet aired. And he had an email address, that many TWOPers wrote to, and depending on how their inquiries were addressed, they all got responses from either “MNIE” creator Greg Garcia or “Joy”, the character in the show who ended up with whojackie’s computer. Talk about life imitating art.

Speaking of the Weird Wide World of Web, I have recently been ‘tagged’ by an internet version of a chain letter at my vox.com address. All I have to do is tell 5 hopefully-interesting facts about myself and pass the challenge on to 5 other unwitting bloggers. The problem is, I know this has been spreading for a while, and I’m like one of the last 5 people at vox.com to get it, and I’m really not sure if I want to release this human-based virus into the Wild Wide World of Web… I will definitely be doing the 5 facts thing… as soon as I can find 3 more facts.

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"A Picture Is As Many Bytes As A Thousand Words"

  1. M.B. Says:

    Only 5? I had to think of 6! (and discovered that even what is “weird” about me isn’t interesting…and not all that weird…)
    Of course, I posted it anyway. 😀

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