"Obites Revisited"


Well, it now is pretty clear who the “third of the three” is going to be. “Saddam to Be Hanged by Sunday.” And while All The Media is no doubt annoyed that it’ll further mess up the pre-written pre-produced Year in Review features, it’s also a rare gift to get 48-hours to prepare for a momentous news event. Which I’m sure was what John Edwards was trying to do when he announced that he was going to announce his candidacy for that job nobody in their right mind should really want, which says volumes about everybody who wants it. But I digress. The MetaFilter comment thread for the Edwards pre-announcement is the most entertainingly schizoid thing I have ever seen on the Web. One half a “What’s wrong with John Edwards/What’s right with John Edwards” argument, and one half the reaction to longtime MeFite ‘dobbs’ commenting “I stand a better chance at being the next President of the USA than he does” and very new member “Dizzy” setting up the “Dobbs for President campaign” and handing out high-level positions in the Dobbs Administration.

By the way, tomorrow I will announce the date on which I will announce my plans to announce my intention to announce that I am running… out of sour cream. But I digress again.

My problem with the Saddam execution (besides what is apparently the ‘slow strangulation’ method of hanging used in Iraq which is certainly cruel and unusual, even if the Butcher of Baghdad is among those most deserving of cruel and unusual punishment) is that it’s going to screw up the first of my 2007 Predictions, because even if I were serious about Bush making announcement “three hours after,” that would make it while it was still 2006, but Bush would never make such an announcement in the middle of a holiday weekend, but I had considered saying “within a few days” in my Prediction, and decided “three hours after” was just funnier, so now I have to choose between supporting the joke and keeping up the illusion of seriousness and, you know, sometimes it’s no fun being a humorist, and BOY do I digress!

Your Turn...

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