"Alien Without Alienation"


As you may know (or maybe you don’t), I an All About the Peace, Love and Understanding. (Even though the Mis-Understanding produces some of the best jokes.) I will do whatever I can to reconcile the irreconcilable. Toward that end, I offer to the American People a phrase I just saw on a British newssite. Yes, I know I ridiculed the British for their “ASBOs” and their “Yobs” recently, but this is something that could help the American dialogue on a divisive issue.

For those of you outside the U.S. of A. (or in blissful ignorance herein), much of the heated debate about Immigration involves a class of people referred to either by the non-judgmental term “undocumented alien” or the judgmental term “illegal alien”. It has become impossible to use either term without raising assumptions on your opinion thereof.

Anyway, this Guardian article about those kinds of people used a term that I think should be used over here as well: Irregular migrants. Now obviously, the term “irregular” has its own subtext, much of which is associated with Sherlock Holmes. Then there are those Irregular linens that cost less than the ‘perfect’ ones. And referring to human beings like badly-hemmed bedsheets may not be exactly complimentary, but it does lighten the tone of the debate.

So, if you really are undecided whether they should be treated as “illegal” or merely “undocumented”, why not just say Irregular Aliens?

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"Alien Without Alienation"

  1. M.B. Says:

    I don’t know… Irregular always makes me think of items in discount clothing warehouses – like shirts with one arm 2 inches longer than the other one…
    This is definately not a complementary term.

  2. M.B. Says:

    You know, one of these days I’ll stop scanning your posts and actually read it — You already said that it wasn’t complimentary….


    On another matter — Did you just give up and go back to that greenish color behind the yellow or did I miss a post…. (or did you decide that I was way too critical when you asked our opinion about the brown and just did this for spite?)

  3. wendell Says:

    It’s okay, I know you’re just an innocent bystander. 🙂 Looking on it as the product of an insomniac night (some people have trouble with blogging while drunk; mine is blogging while sleepless), it is not my proudest literary product.

    As for the background color, it wasn’t just you (and frankly, I did disagree with you on the ‘brownness’ of the brown), which is why I deep-sixed the “how does this look?” thingy. I promise a much new-and-improved WendellWit.com web experience in 2007 (WHEN in 2007 is the big question).

  4. M.B. Says:

    I look forward to critiqui… erm… seeing that! (and I’ll keep my opinions to myself unless asked….) 🙂

  5. wendell Says:

    If I wanted you to keep your opinions to yourself, I wouldn’t have open comments. I ENJOY engaging in conversation in the comments. You just have to take into account that I am a big poopyhead.

  6. M.B. Says:

    Oh – alright, then….
    I’ve been told that I can be a bit nit-picky, though I can’t imagine why, but if you don’t mind then I don’t mind!

    Carry on!

  7. It's Raining Florence Henderson Says:

    What we have here, are: Aliens… of a type who are – due to socio-economic circumstances fostered by their undocumented status – desperately in need of bran.

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