"Who ARE These Guys?"


You may have noticed something a little bit different at the Top o’ the Blog. And if you haven’t, your powers of observation may be running on empty. I have been fiddling with the format since day one of my blogging, but have generally tried to keep a clean page, while staying one or two steps behind the cutting edge. I set up Web 2.0-Style rounded corners five minutes after they went out of style. But lately, every time one of the many design blogs brought out a collection of best-designed blogs, most of them had flashy, elaborate and very busy backgrounds on the whole page or at least the header. I developed a severe case of Design Envy, and after setting up a new header featuring a picture of Me and one of Not Me, with the intent of rotating the pics randomly, I decided, no, I can do more than that. I’d been getting more practice with the Open-Source Gimp (cheapskate’s alternative to Photoshop) and I decided that I could – and would – make myself one helluva header.

The contents of that design became immediately obvious. I already had several “Not Me” images made up and I’ve done a lot of research on other guys named Wendell. (It came naturally, looking for my site on Google with the search term “Wendell”… I’m currently #708.) So I made a Cavalcade of Wendells to treat and/or abuse your eyes.

Top row: The frequently photographed sign at Wendell’s Drive-In in Nashville. The “Wendell & Gas” sign is at an undisclosed Iocation, photographed by an obviously delightful lady with a husband named Wendell (NOT me) who has gas. The embroidered patch is for the Hazmat Team in Wendell, N.C. The water tower is in Wendell, Idaho. Two campaign buttons for 1940 Presidential Candidate Wendell Willkie. The “No Parking on Bridge” sign is from Wendell, Mass. and the “Pop 177” sign is from Wendell, Minn.

Bottom Row: Wendell the Worm is a character used by Discovery.com’s “Yucky” kids’ site. On the old-school TV screen is Fox News White House Correspondent Wendell Goler. Sometimes obscured behind the tagline or page title are the cover for the UK release of REM’s single “Wendell Gee” (no relation to Wendell Goler), and a construction sign for the Wendell Falls development in N.C. I like the name “Wendell Falls”; it’s like the story of my life. A caricature of guitarist Wendell Ferguson plays next to Wendell, the banjo-playing bear from Disney’s Bear Mountain animatronic show. Behind the banjo is Owen Wilson as he appeared in the title role of “The Wendell Baker Story”. Next to him is Wendell the Baker, mascot for Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. Next in front is the news-making and ill-fated Wendell the Wallaby. And almost hidden in back is Bill Wendell, the late announcer for David Letterman and a few dozen game shows (but how often have you seen his face?). Freakishly skinny male supermodel Wendell Lissimore is right behind obese cartoon character Wendell Stamps from Adult Swim’s “Frisky Dingo”. And beside Wendell Stamps’ head is a self-inking stamp from Wendell’s Inc. (See what I did there?) Finally, Simpsons minor character Wendell Borton and farmer/philosopher/author Wendell Berry, who looks good in black and white.

There’s more to come in Wendell’s Extreme Blog Makeover, PART TWO. You have been warned.

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"Who ARE These Guys?"

  1. Mimi Says:

    I really really like the new layout. I am a bit behind. Vacations do that occasionally. Very nice but not an eyesore. Kudos!

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