"Contesting! One, Two, Three…"


I cannot believe I didn’t think of this obvious visual right after the “Bush Shoe Throwing Incident” and equally surprised that a hundred others hadn’t thought of it first…
(upon further searching, there was a version in the addendum to BoingBoing’s animated GIF roundup, but I like mine better) But one problem remained: what caption to apply to the picture? I came up with several, all semi-obvious, but felt the occasion deserved more. So, considering that I am coming to the conclusion that there are millions of people on the Web funnier than I am, I’m opening it up to YOU, with an incentive! Yep, I’m doing a caption contest!

The best caption anybody comes up with, based on making me laugh and being non-obvious in a QI way, will win a prize! What kind of prize? It depends on how many people enter, at the very least a few bucks on an Amazon Gift Card, maybe a Dr. Horrible DVD (if you haven’t already gotten one) or a cool book based on one of my favorite webcomics. The more other great comedy minds you can get to enter (or not so great, since YOU want to be the winner) the deeper I’ll dig into my pocket for a neato-keeno prize.

Just leave your entry in the comments, include your email address so I can contact you if you win, and be patient, my WP installation requires anyone’s first comment to be held for approval, and I will be watching my comment queue better than I usually do (“OH! Somebody new left a comment! Nine hours ago?!?”). I intend to keep this contest open through Boxing Day (the 26th) at Midnight, Wendell Specific Time, but may extend the deadline or close early, depending on the effectiveness of my antidepressants.

Have fun! Avoid the obvious, but remember, I do love a well-crafted pun!

3 Comments (so far) about

"Contesting! One, Two, Three…"

  1. xirclebox Says:

    In the words of Mr. Miagi “…get the squish, just like grape!”

  2. Tom Says:

    Bush loves to get down to some Sole..

  3. Twas the Day AFTER Christmas in Wendell.Me. Says:

    […] last year for Boxing Day (previously posted in a no-longer-accessible location). Meanwhile, don’t forget my caption contest. PLEASE. I promised a prize based on number of entries received and from what I have so far (two), the […]

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