"Good Will Keeping"


Inspired by the tour of the Good Housekeeping Institute written up by this blogger (who claims to be the “oldest working writer in advertising” despite revealing in a previous post that she was in 3rd grade when JFK was assassinated, just like I was – I guess I can drop “advertising writer” from my list of jobs to persue – no, wait, it was on my list of jobs NOT to persue. But I digress.), I realized that the online consumer needs a similar institution to provide assurances and guarantees and I needed some practice manipulating text in Gimp, so I made this logo:

I’m making the logo generally available, since it is a work of parody covered under Fair Use (I hope) and I know can’t stop anybody from abusing it even more than I already have. And I have it in other sizes for you blogheads to use: 456×232, 342×174, 285×145, getting a little too small to read the guarantee (but if you just want a ‘badge’): 228×116 and 171×87, and the original-humungous-sized 1140×580 for those of you who enjoy examining every pixel-level error I make in my “Photoslop” work.

But PLEASE always blog in good faith, police your comments fairly, minimize the use of l33tspeak and LOLCATspeak and avoid blogging in your pajamas (pants are still optional, fish in pants OK as long as it’s fresh fish).

BTW, I did look up the domain name “goodblogkeeping.com”, which was sadly taken, with an “under construction” place-holder (with auto-generated links to Good Housekeeping, of course), but a further whois search revealed it’s owned by Evolve Strategies, a Philadelphia-based web-and-other-communications firm issue that serves “issue advocacy, nonprofit, and progressive political organizations”. I think the domain is in better hands than mine, and if they want to use the logo, I will give it to them.

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"Good Will Keeping"

  1. Ad Broad Says:

    Great Gimp manipulation, birthday buddy. Disemvoweling…ha! Thanks for the shout.

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