"Let’s Say “Go Team” and Leave It at That"


Saw a license frame on a vehicle in the supermarket parking lot promoting a high school and its sports teams… the Cougars. I checked, and yep, it was the high-schoolers’ mother driving. I wonder how many MWDWKYLFT*s are cringing over that title and how many are smiling.

Making fun of Team Mascots is kind of low-hanging fruit among writers of semi-humor, so I’ll keep to the most current of observations.

The Bulls are no longer the Honorary Team of Wall Street, replaced by the Bears, oddly both in Chicago.

After the recent election’s political realignment in Ohio, do the Cincinnati Reds have to go Blue? And considering how close the election was in Missouri, the St. Louis NHL team the Blues really should be renamed the Purples. As for the Blue Jays, they totally missed out, being in Canada and all.

There are, no doubt, dozens of small schools in America reconsidering naming their sports teams the Mavericks…

And I for one am especially relieved that the Tampa Bay Rays lost the World Series. It did quiet down many of the Fundamentalist Fans claiming that they went from “worst to first” when they dropped “Devil” from the team name. I would’ve enjoyed a Devil Rays vs. Angels league championship.

I did graduate from a college whose teams were designated the Lions,
loyola marymount lions
which back when I attended, used a logo designed by an alumnus who was also a Disney animator. THAT logo was cute; way too cute for competitive athletics. And it took some deep digging into the Wayback Machine to find any images of it, having been well wiped from the memory of the Internet.
lmu lion
There remain traces of his essence in the school’s physical mascot, named Ignatius (after Ignatius Loyola) or Iggy for short…
ignatius lion

But I think you can guess what my all time favorite mascot is:
UCSC Banana Slugs

*Moms Who Don’t Wanna Know You’d Like to FScarborough Them

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"Let’s Say “Go Team” and Leave It at That"

  1. Qi Z Says:

    my high school mascot was the pelican… not so inspirational.. but its beak can hold more than its belican…

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