"Not This Wendell"


I was considering titling this “Not Me” but I was afraid of Family Circus references so…

I just wanted to point out that I am NOT a Bennett’s Red Necked Wallaby from Kemptville, Ontario, Canada, so if we do happen to meet, PLEASE do not ‘return’ me to Saunders Country Critters and Garden Centre. Besides, I don’t quite trust those Canadians since the Ottawa Citizen is not 100% sure of the spelling of the name (a couple references to Wendall). Now, I’m not badmouthing all Canadians, just those in the Ottawa/Athens/Kemptville area.

And, yes, I was sneaking a peek back at a certain web community I had recently vehemently resigned from when I saw my name taken in vain there. Nothing to see here, move along, these are not the droids yadda yadda yadda.

As long as I have returned to the topic, I am also not the Wendell who is the designer behind the “Wendell Whites” bed and bath collection from Bombay Dyeing. Wendell Roderick is known in India as “the Guru of Minimalism” (and I’d say good for him to rank as a Guru of Anything in India), but as I look over the growing and actively mutating clutter here in the WendelLair, Minimalism is something I am still struggling with. But I do understand the possibility for some confusion involving the Wendell Whites since I am actually much more white than Wendell Roderick.

Also let me assure you emphatically, I have never had anything to do with anyone or anything Dyeing in Bombay. In fact, the line in the song “Down Under” by Men at Work clearly refers to “Lying in a den in bombay.”

And as long as I’m egoblogging, I’m up to #19 among Wendells in Yahoo! but on Google, my main blog page has disappeared and the post where I complained about it all is #827. That’ll teach me.

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"Not This Wendell"

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