"Dressed for Distress"


Mistakes. I’ve made a few. Many of them about my wardrobe. I wore double-knit slacks while my weight fluctuated in the late ’70s and early ’80s. Not a good look for ANYONE. When I had to wear a tie at work, I never let food stains break up my day-of-the-week rotation. And I still insist on having a breast pocket on whatever kind of shirt I wear, even a t-shirt, and filling it to capacity… unless, having been drawn into the world of message-bearing shirts by popular webcomics and woot.com, I find something I consider totally awesome. But I never get much of a chance to promote my favoritest, most awesomest designs for long; they are usually discontinued quickly due to lack of interest from anyone but me.

Designs like this:

and this:

The above from the Goats.com store, which still has some OK stuff.

Or this:

Sold by DieselSweeties.com which has other stuff YOU might like better.

Or these (from woot.com which does that ‘selling one item a day’ thing, but still makes available previously offered shirts at an anti-reduced price until they lose in an online poll which both of the following did rather quickly):

(I cannot believe Mr. Spork was not a hit!)

Now I can still wear any of those shirts in public with only moderate ridicule, but my absolute worst shirt design choice was what I considered a good political statement about a compromise between the GOP Elephant and the Demo Donkey back when I ordered it in July.

But after a certain VP candidate was selected who hunts moose from helicopters, that shirt’s message has been totally munged.

It must be noted that I have been a Bullwinkle the Moose fan since he first appeared on a black-and-white TV when I was 3. But I do NOT want this “Grab Some Tail” tee with Bullwinkle grabbing Rocky the Flying Squirrel’s tail, which falls into the “just plain wrong” department for me. However, I did previously note (in a blogpost lost in the transition to my new home) that I am totally in love with this design, mashing up secondary Bullwinkle Show characters with “Back to the Future”.
Time Travel t-shirt @ SplitReason.com
Time Travel t-shirt design @ © SplitReason.com
In all the recent confusion, I have not yet bought it. Which is probably why it hasn’t been discontinued yet. Get it while you can.

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"Dressed for Distress"

  1. :: jozjozjoz :: Says:

    I especially like Mr Spork.

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