I usually delete comments containing single links to blogs I don’t know as semi-spammy. But one that showed up was from a supporter of CAPS LOCK DAY. And it was in Malaysian. Which is a language I can’t even begin to understand but when laid out in ALL CAPS looks to unproud unilinguals like myself like an elegant form of gibberish.

At one place I worked years ago, there was a demographically outlying number Filipino-Americans, most first-generation and still fluent in Tagalog (the most whimsically named language I know of). There were a couple of supervisors in whose work units English was absolutely NOT the preferred language, but I did not mind even though I was never able to understand more than a few random words that were similar to the remnants of high-school Spanish (which were not even very helpful to understanding the many Spanish speakers in Los Angeles… I am hopelessly unilingual and very NOT proud of it). But it was a more-beautiful sounding language than most (especially Portuguese, which I encountered working at a radio station which had sold a block of its weekend airtime to some Portuguese-speaking sponsors who did Portuguese-language programming for the area’s Potuguese-language population… which was mostly relatives of the guys who bought the block of airtime… anyway, the Portuguese language, at least the way these guys spoke it, sounded very un-elegant, gutteral and coarse; making me appreciate the style of Latin-American-Spanish more… and lose my desire to go to Brazil, even bikini-waxed girls would turn me off with that language. Anyway, it was in that office that I, the unproud unilingual, learned a useful ‘faking it’ skill. The ability to look like I did understand what was being said in a different language and was subtly listening to it. It’s especially useful in cashier lines at “ethnic” grocery stores and has frequently quieted people talking about the “gordo gringo” (me). But I digress.

But just seeing “HARI CAPSLOCK ANTARABANGSA” on a webpage in front of me gave me a smile on a day when the frowns were catching up with the smiles. If anyone can provide a translation to that blog post, please do. I just want to make sure nothing in it is the Malayan equivalent of “gordo gringo”.

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  1. PakciQue Says:

    Hi..it’s me the owner of the blog you said above.

    Hm, to be thruth, I just use your blog and others as the referrence to what I wrote. It is not the copy-paste-translate version. Trust me. LOL.

    Anyhow. Thanks for the credit.

    But, but it is mean by maylayed? I think it should be Malay. Thanks.

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