"The Chips Are Down"


There is something about this self-desciptively “gratuitous” commercial that appealed to me with its obviously British mix of dry wit and smarminess…

How did I know it was a British ‘advert’? Well, everyone had British accents in a scene that, if an American commercial, would have had them all speaking Californianese; the spot was 45 seconds in length, whereas all American TV outlets have lost the ability to deal with anything not in multiples of 30 seconds; and the design of the potato chip bags was different from that of the Kettle Brand Chips sold ’round here. I know that specifically because I had recently acquired two bags of that brand in a bargain-hunting experiment (the sale price at Ralphs/Kroger combined with a newspaper reduced the cost of two bags to about the regular price of one, which was extra useful since there were several different flavors of the product) and I had been attempting to snack on them at the time I happened upon the video. Serendipitous!

And if the commercial is not so much “gratuitous” as it is rather blah, it’s actually somewhat better than the chips, which were “gratuitously” greasy, less crispy than somewhat rock-hard (I was wondering why the British ad didn’t call them ‘crisps’ but then realized it would have been misleading advertising), and, in the case of the Sweet Onion flavored variety, a little off-flavor (the Sea Salt & Vinegar was more passable for this fan of vinegar chips, but unspectacular). But please note, this is the opinion of one who considers In-N-Out Burger’s fries to be overrated – your taste may vary.

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"The Chips Are Down"

  1. soubriquet Says:

    Not British.
    The accents are Australian.
    Besides, what you, and they, call chips are called “crisps” in england, chips are a different thing altogether, closer to what you call fries, but different.

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