"Welcome to the Wendell Zone"


Okay, I guess I owe those of you still paying attention an explanation. I have set Wednesday (or Wendellsday), September 30th as a kind of premiere date for the latest iteration of my latest (and possibly last) attempt to set up a small ‘network’ of blogs and mini-sites covering my various interests (as a result, I will write more about more things while the individuals in the audience will be able to follow my views on X while discretely avoiding my views on Y – a win/win). I plan to begin unveiling things on September 9th (because everybody has something happening on 9/9/09) but the official premiere will be Wendellsday, September 30th (which happens to be my mumblemumbleth birthday).

That’s assuming I can get out of the bad Twilight Zone rerun that is my life right now. You know the one where all the mechanical and technical things this guy owned turned against him? (Maybe it was an Outer Limits or Night Gallery, I’m not sure). Well, mine are being more subtle because I’m experiencing on-and-off functionality from my car, refrigerator, microwave, cellphone, cable TV/internet and two laptop computers. It reached a high point of creepiness when my dead cellphone came back to life just in time to call the AAA when my car stalled on the freeway. Don’t know if I’m blessed, cursed or if my warranty on life as I know it just expired, but it appears to be spreading to my physical body, via some nerve spasms that are alternating among various locations in my extremities. So, I am typing this with my fingers crossed, and saving the file every 17 seconds.

And since I have just discovered a WordPress theme framework that does more of what I want than anything I’ve ever used before and I reallyreallyreally want to try it out here, expect this site to look like Matt Mullenwordpress himself threw up on it for the next few days. Because it’s so obvious that I will lose all internet connectivity and/or motor skills while ‘live testing’ it.

But if you do happen to meet up with the ghost of Rod Serling at a seance or Hollywood haunted house tour, please ask him to lay off the Wendell. Thanks.

Your Turn...

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