"25 Things About Skittles NOT!!!"


Some of the memes that get created and propagated on Twitter and other “Web Social Media Site Thingies” are good, but it always seems the worst of them that rise to the top. Obvious case: the Facebook “25 Things About Me” version of the previous “5 Things About Me” blog chain letter. And the Twitterizing of Skittles candies… or is that the Skittlizing of Twitter? Still in the battle for #hashtag supremacy (if you don’t know, don’t ask), the tale of the #giantblueglowingcock (Watchmen gone pr0n) does rule. Of course, I’ve heard of several other bloggers getting many visitors from searches for “Dr. Manhattan’s blue penis”, but would I do something like that just to get traffic? Dr. Manhattan’s blue penis. Dr. Manhattan’s blue penis. Any questions?

I’ve kind of appreciated the 140-character limit for helping to train me to avoid my usual excessive pun-on sentence – with hyphens (and parentheses) and any other available device to stretch out a single thought to its tensile limit OR to string multiple concepts together without giving the reader a chance to catch his/her breath, which is usually not my grammatical error, rather my personal style and a declaration of my personal sadistic attitude toward the hapless reader. There, I’ve said it.

So, when given the following challenge by the lovely, talented and standards-compliant Molly Holzschlag challenged me: “Finish this statement for me, but with only one (as in 1) tweet: “If everything is funny, then [add answer here]””

Of course, I had a bunch of possible answers:

“If everything is funny, nothing is all that scary”

“If everything is funny, the people who take things too seriously are the funniest”

“If everything is funny, comic relief actors are out of work”

“If everything is funny, satirists are doomed”

“If everything is funny, I should be allowed to laugh at everything!”

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"25 Things About Skittles NOT!!!"

  1. snipe Says:

    Heh – I just caught this post, sorry for the delay. For the record (and I think you already know this), the #giantblueglowingcock meme was certainly not about driving traffic anywhere. It grew (pun sort of intended) completely organically (much to the dismay of my followers, and the people following @brlittle, I’m sure) and no one was more surprised than I when we ate Twitscoops homepage (until they censored us, the bastids.)

    Memes are only fun (to me anyway) if you’re the one starting them. It’s new and exciting and in our case, funny as hell – but its time came and went. I only occasionally reference the #giantblueglowingcock hashtag out of nostalgia and as a nod-and-a-wink to the awesome people on Twitter who played along. And as an apology to all of my followers who had to endure it. (I’m still amazed I didn’t lose more people from that twitflood.)

    As you can see, my writing style is similar to yours, what with the hyphens and parentheses and run-on-frenetic-thoughts 🙂 Thanks for the hat-tip to my #giantblueglowingcock 😀

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