"High Maintenance Dot Me"


I know that no more than one or two of you in my half-vast audience of several dozen care, but I’ve made some more changes to the star-making machinery behind this unpopular blog.

Yes, the complicated header image is less complicated now. Leaner and meaner, you might say. I had to lose Bill Wendell and Wendell Goler from the mix of Other Wendells as well as that road sign that promised Gas with your Wendell, but what is left is still Wendellicious and allows more room for more content to show “above the fold”.

Speaking of content and page format, I have done something to make my front page all more readable/accessible. IF you have javascript enabled. Just follow these instructions:

AHA! This post unfolds to reveal that this is one of my long, involved rants! I’m going to do this on all my thousand-word entries, even the ones made up of dozens of 140-character Twitters, so you don’t get the front page cluttered by things like those umpteen Jack in the Box commercial videos. I have decided to go AJAX with this because I’d rather have happy visitors than extra pageviews. But seriously, I’d appreciate your comments on my new-to-me technology, especially if something isn’t working (for that you still have to click to another page… but maybe not for long).

Also, if you have serious OCD, you may notice that the left sidebar is a little skinnier. That is a side effect of my installing a seriously cool Grid system into the formatting code. Not only that, if I may brag (and who’s stopping me?), I adapted the @#$% out of one of the more popular Grid systems to make a 12-column system into 24-columns for greater flexibility, accommodate that right sidebar that starts at the top of the page that nobody else does, and give me the option of different-sizes of margins between content columns (which is why, if you look at the Page Source of this site, you’ll see classes named “grod” instead of “grid”). So, if I wanted to, I could make that left sidebar wider again by changing two numbers in the code. (I’m not going to talk about how much work it took to get to that point) This will allow me to use the Grid I built to make other themes for other blogs lickety-split, so if you’ve been missing my commentary on webcomics at the Funny Paperless, well, something even cooler is coming very soon. And this time I can say ‘very soon’ with a little bit of confidence!

And one more thing, the ‘big change’ in hosting this blog that I rolled out when President Obama was inaugurated turned out NOT to be the change I needed, so I rolled back to where I was before. It turns out that WordPress MU is not so great for one user doing multiple blogs unless that user has Multiple Personality Disorder. And I don’t. Honestly. And neither do I.

Okay, thanks for following along on this rant. I promise to blog a lot more about things somebody actually cares about (although most likely not YOU) starting tomorrow. Monday. Yes, the Monday holiday for Several Presidents’ Happy Unbirthday. Because blogging never takes a holiday, just long unscheduled hiatuses.

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