"Not Funny"


OK, the following picture has been zipping all over the web with the simple caption “Funny”…


Now I don’t mean to get all hyper-sensitivity-correctness about it, but I didn’t think it was funny. Maybe because I recognized the newsguy as KABC-TV’s Marc Brown, kabc_200marcbrown.jpg who has been anchoring there for more than 10 years, and who is rarely ever seen just sitting with his mouth shut like that (see his smiley staff picture on the right ->), so it is obvious the photog caught him just at the instant he was pronouncing the letter “M”. And the on-air demeanor I’ve seen from him all these years is so friendly and benign (hey, he is a Los Angeles News Anchor – it’s a prerequisite) I can’t imagine him resembling a rape suspect even when they have the same nose and lower lip, which to me are the only parts that look alike after the first glance… Brown’s head is rounder and what about Rapist’s wrinkles? Has much of the Web fallen for a somewhat-racist “they all look alike” meme, or am I just too familiar with the news anchor guy?

Still, I just don’t think it’s very funny. Let’s see if we can make it funnier… with my limited photoslopping skills, I’ll put another guy’s head on over Marc’s. How about Consumer Reporter Ric Romero? He’s white, he works for the same station, he also has a mustache, his staff photo shows him with his mouth shut, he and Brown both have that annoying non-standard first-name spelling thing and he is already an Internet cliche for UGOTO (the Uncanny Grasp Of The Obvious). So, here they are, Ric Romero and the Rapist…


Now THAT’s funny.

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"Not Funny"

  1. gomichild Says:

    I agree with you – the picture isn’t amusing. So the announcer looks a little bit like the pencil Identikit sketch behind him – meh.

    Now a picture of a cat leaping up in the air in front of a mirror with the words “invisible bike” on it – now *that* is amusing.

  2. WendellWit » Blog Archive » Smile for the Camera Says:

    […] just like to re-affirm my opinion that this was not funny, mostly because there was too little resemblance between the artists-rendition of the alleged […]

  3. Dale Says:

    You guys are wrong. This is hilarious.

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