"WNDL FM, AM, PM and TM"


radiofreemonkey.jpgHaving few formal obligations right now, I am obsessively organizing my ‘stuff’, including my digital files… Having a total of 490 GB of storage space on 2 computers and a free-standing hard drive, that’s going to take a while.

But just as I started organizing my mp3s, mp4s and mp37s, the fine fun folks at MonkeyFilter (the only MetaFilter clone site to survive to puberty) set up, via their chat channel #mofirc, a web radio station. And guess who’s now playing Disc Jockey. (Whadyamean you can’t guess? ME!)

Oddly, considering my roots in pre-Rush talk radio, there is no live verbalizing, and I have been rather unmotivated to prerecord any DJ shtick, so I’m just playing artlessly assemble thematic music sets (taking advantage of my OTHER radio roots with Dr. Demento and 1980’s KROQ). There is a small but dedicate troupe there keeping some kind or another of music playing 24/7 for over two weeks already. And some of them do even more interesting sets than I do (just don’t tell ’em). Youse guys can tune in via this link, and listen to Wendell Wadio at the following times this weekend:

FRIDAY EVENING 7-9PM PDT, 10PM-Mid EDT, Next Tuesday New Zealand Time:
Wendell’s Radio Radio Show featuring all songs with Radio in the title

SATURDAY EVENING 6-9PM PDT, 9-Mid EDT, Last Thursday Uzbekistan Time
Pretentious Rock from the ’70s, when I went “wow” at Yes’s synthesizers and Tull’s flute

SUNDAY EVENING (and probably every Sunday) 6-8PM PDT, 9-11PM EDT, 1968 Republican Time
Wendell Rips Off Dr. Demento Wherever Possible
(in revenge for when someone assoiated with the good Dr. ripped off my idea of using cartoon sound effects to ‘bleep’ George Carlin’s “Seven Words” monologue in 1977. Some grudges never die.)

And during the next couple weeks, I’ll be doing occasional hours of “All Versions of Stairway to Heaven” with thanks to WFMU’s blog.Check this Webcasting schedule for times in your neighborhood (depending on community standards).

I have no reason why I’m doing it, except right now it’s easier than blogging, if you can believe that.

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