"Let’s (Blog) Roll"


After long periods of hesitation, procrastination, constipation and suspended animation, I am finally populating the ‘blogroll’ at the bottom of the right sidebar with my favorite bloggers and other webbish stuff. Webcomics will all be listed at ClownsAround.com, and links to local California and/or Central California resources will be at my still-under-construction local blog SLOwit.com, but all of my other favorite people stuck in the internet tubes will be listed there. If you don’t recognize all the names, it’s because all the individual bloggers are listed by their names, not their blogs’ names (It’s John Scalzi, not Whatever, and Spike Priggen, not Bedazzled). This may be a controversial move, but I feel like doing something controversial right now, but don’t want Fatherland Security agents knocking down my door, so what better than to mildly invade somebody else’s privacy. Interestingly, all the bloggers for whom I do not have an at-least-partially allegedly real name (Dabitch, JozJozJoz, madamjujujive, Mere Bystander and Miss Cellania) are female, which just shows how much women trust the Web – or me personally. Now, please don’t anybody ask me what celebrity bloggers like Dave Barry, Wil Wheaton or Rogers Cadenhead are really like, because I really haven’t met most of them in cyber-less space, and if I keep getting attacks of the lungrot right before scheduled social gatherings, maybe I never will. Be aware that this list will only get longer as time goes on, meaning now I have to find some filler for the LEFT sidebar now. Anyway, if you feel you are unfairly being left off my blogroll, feel free to complain in the comments below unless you’re Cameron Barrett who kicked me off your blogroll in 2000 for which I will never forgive you.

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"Let’s (Blog) Roll"

  1. :: jozjozjoz :: Says:

    I’m honored to be back on your blogroll!

    PS – You really don’t know my real (first) name?!

  2. wendell Says:

    I thought I had been sworn to secrecy on that. You just blew my cover story… But then, now that I’ve added Languagehat, a male blogger with a secret identity, my original point is invalid. And it being the Internet, I can’t be sure of ther gender of any bloggers who I haven’t met in person and strip searched.

  3. :: jozjozjoz :: Says:

    Rest assured I’m a girl. No strip search needed. 😛

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