I am always re-analyzing the design of this blog… is it too cluttered, or not cluttered enough? Should I give more prominence to the links that I can make money from (BUY A T-SHIRT) or is that too crass and Farky? I recently changed the little randomly selected icons to the left of my title logo (yeah. up there.) so that they are all animated icons, and then I thought “What is this, 1999? Animated gifs are so so so so tacky, I might as well be on MySpace*!” So, I leave it up to you, my (at last count) seven readers.

Please leave a comment with one of these pre-packaged responses:

A) I have no problem with a little animation on a web page; you’re OK.
B) Those little animated thingies are a clear display of Web lowlife tackiness. Take them off.
C) Those little animated thingies are a clear display of Web lowlife tackiness. Leave them on – they’re YOU.
D) They’re OK, except for the (hammer, head-pounder, static, thumb-twiddler, scary bunny)
E) You like animated graphics? Get a load of MY page (with link)
F) Forget about the graphics, get yourself a real Web Poll widget. This is stupid.

Thank you (I think).

*Yes, I know I have stated unequivocably that MySpace and all of NewsCorp are totally evil, but I decided you have to keep your firends close and your enemies even closer, besides, I didn’t want anybody else getting the unique ID “wendellwit” there, and, heck, sometimes you need to have a place where you can act like a teenaged girl right? Omigod!!

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  1. M.B. Says:

    I’m going to go with C, here….

    They might be tacky, but that’s alright!
    (besides, I have a secret attraction to
    animations and blinking do-dads on websites)

    and…Hey! They do have free poll sites,
    you know….
    (pollhost, for one…)

  2. M.B. Says:

    Sidenote: My favorite is the killer bunny

  3. Buddy Butler Says:

    It’s definitely cluttered enough.

    The blog looks all right, too.

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